Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shop Freshies

We are blanketed in a nice coating of fresh snow.  It has snowed over two feet in the mountains this week.  Santa is really coming through for the skiers in Gallatin County!

Here are a few goodies that I have already posted in the shop.

sterling & turquoise

sterling & coral

sterling & chalcedony

hand painted whitetail deer antler

antler detail

I painted these ones too.

sterling & turquoise
This ring flew to it's home in NM,
but will be vacationing in HI over Christmas.
One lucky ring!!!!  Thanks JB.

sterling feather on backside

Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!
Happy Holidays,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dominican Republic - April 2012

Hola la gente,
In April, Mom took me as her date to Punta Cana for a week full of antics, giggles, MamaJuana, free flowing booze and tropical waters.  We had a gut-busting time and really bonded.  Here are some highlights.  Mom is a real COWGIRL and you can tell from the shot of her horse blowing up!  Yep, she kept it all together.  I can't say that I would have been this calm. Thanks for the trip, MOM, we made a life time of memories together.  If you want to see more, go to HERE.  I hope that if you are reading this all things are well for you.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bisquit, Have You Been Under A Rock?

Hello All Y'all,
No, I haven't been under a rock.  I DID have to go underground for a bit of life adjustment.  I can't say that it was fun, but well worth the work.  Sorry for my absence.   With the moving into the new house, work and life extremely busy, and a wicked fun travel schedule, the blog has been quiet.  Frankly, the living of life has me all booked up.  But I am glad to be back!

The spring globe-trotting began with a layover in Denver with Mom and my brothers on the way to the Dominican Republic.   I flew to Denver and Mom and Nick wouldn't tell me where they would be picking me up.  They were very sneaky and were waiting for me with a half colored sign.  Good thing they remembered my last name and I could too!  We then met up at the Rio in Denver for margs and Mexican Food.  Yum.  We haven't all been together for 7 years, so this was a blast to catch up!

Mom, Nick, Jef and I

My "LITTLE" brothers and I 

I got jipped on height, for sure!
Mom is 5'9", these boys are tall.

Brotherly Love

I hope your day is shaping up nice.  Here in Bozeman we are having 80 degree days which feels more like July than mid May.  We are rolling with it though!  I am going to keep up on this biggity blog, now that I can find a scrib of time here and there.  Stay tuned for more pics from the Dominican Republic, the Warrior Dash Race in AZ, and a trip to Kentucky y'all!

Over and Out,
Krissy Lee Flee

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mini Shop Update

 Good day to you Friends!

The ETSY shop was truly neglected this summer.  But, I am happy to say, I had a wonderful summer and I wasn't always super tired.  So instead of working like crazy on jewelry, I focused on the Farmers' Market and having fun.  It just so happens I haven't posted an item on ETSY since June, HOLY CROW, here are several offerings.  They are currently in the shop and you can get to the link directly to your right! Thanks for stopping by for a visit, I really appreciate it!!!!!

Happy Turkey Week,
Krissy Lee

Turquoise Vestige Ring 

Buena Suerte Necklace

Panache Saddle Ring No. 11

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Biggerstaff is Pushing a Mean Pace

If you would like to see how we got this far and to see more photos, go HERE to my Flickr account.
Happy Harvest Sunday to you and yours.