Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Calling All Green Thumbs

Thanks to my friend Shannon, she helped to identify this plant as an Epiphylum species in the Cacti Family. It's common names are Orchid Cactus and Leaf Cactus. This is the bloom that just kept getting more and more amazing! There was also a wet drip coming from the bottom of the bloom, you can see this in the above picture. This is definitely flower nectar because it tasted as sweet as sugar, I sampled it.

Good day to you!
Can anyone tell me what
the heck kind of plant I have
in the following photos?

It was given to me by a co-worker
and I have been growing it
in a full sun south facing window.
This is the first time it has ever bloomed!
These flowers are so amazing.
I think it is a succulent and it
has small spines.
Your help with its identification
would be mutch appreciated.

And two more blooms to come.
I am thrilled with this plant.

In other news....
I was featured on the front page
of ETSY with this
Copper Saddle Ring

Enjoy your day,
The Green Bisquit

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Gems of Late

This makes twice today that we may meet
for a visit.
I am playing blog-catch-up.
Without further banter:

Cuff of sterling, chalcedony and chrysocolla,
a custom order.

Meet Sancho Panza, your new sidekick.
A spiffy cuff made of sterling, turquoise, and
In the SHOP now.

A birthday present for Robyn,
sterling and aquamarine.

A custom order for Abby.
Made of sterling and beach glass found on our

A custom stacking set
made of sterling, copper, and brass.

Mirabelle Pink Champagne
Fresh Water Pearl and
good luck sterling feather necklace.

And another...

Enjoy your evening.
We rained all day here.
Yours truly,
The Almost Soggy Bisquit

A Field Day in the Big Horn Mountains

Yesterday we traveled deep into the Big Horn Mountains
of Montana to teach a soils class to
graduating seniors from the
Crow Indian Reservation.

Kate, Jeremy and I had a swell
time teaching.
Black Canyon is so beautiful, pristine,
and an ideal place for a work day.
As a cartographer for the NRCS,
I get the opportunity to teach kids, too.
I really like this part of my job.

Kate spotted this mushroom and she didn't know what it was.
Lucky for me, I DO, and we ate if for dinner.
This little tasty beauty is a wild Morel Mushroom.
Really mid June is a bit late for these,
but we are just getting a bit of sun from summer now.
Time to look for more, as this is the only
Morel I have harvested.

Make sure you know what you are eating,
False Morels are poisonous.

With Love and Squeezes,
Krissy Fletchy

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recapitulating the Weekend

Hubby and I rode Stone Creek Proper
on Saturday.
Our first sunny day in weeks!

East Side of Bridger Range

He wanted to keep going,
but he always wants this :)

Mom and daughter.

Hubby took these of me in my new
b-day bike jersey.


Safety first.

Girls Nite OUT on

Hall Pass

A Sunday hike to
Ousel Falls
in Big Sky with
the ladies.

What a blast.
Living for weekends,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Aged To Perfection...

.....yet still in the refining process. I celebrated by 34th birthday over the weekend and as a result, I have been pondering. I do indeed feel I am doing exactly what I want to be doing, making maps and such as a civil servant and metalsmithing. I couldn't be happier with my husband and our lives together. I think age is really just a number, aside from my knees and such, aching from fatigue and general wear and tear. This was truly one of the best birthdays ever (thanks Husband) and some of the amazing details include:

a party and sleepover at the cabin with friends
a new hammock for the cabin
4 birthday deserts (Mexican Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Chocolate Tart, Rhubarb Strawberry Cobbler, and a work cake)
a house party with the UFC fight on the big screen and dear friends
a new belt buckle
the cute sun dress I am sporting in these pics
The Fame Monster cd by Lady Gaga from my Gram (love it!)
a blank check for a new macro lens for our D90 camera (eeeeee, shriek)
bike gear from hubby
....and so much more.
Thanks to everyone, I so do appreciate how great of friends and family that I have. I love you all!

Here is a short series of photos that detail my refinement process.

I have learned to be polite and act like a demure young lady.

But I will always be young at heart!



Pinky Pose with an Attitude

My Birthday Ruled!

My life is extraordinary at 34 and I wouldn't change a thing.
With love,
The Bouncey Bisquit