Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bisquit, Have You Been Under A Rock?

Hello All Y'all,
No, I haven't been under a rock.  I DID have to go underground for a bit of life adjustment.  I can't say that it was fun, but well worth the work.  Sorry for my absence.   With the moving into the new house, work and life extremely busy, and a wicked fun travel schedule, the blog has been quiet.  Frankly, the living of life has me all booked up.  But I am glad to be back!

The spring globe-trotting began with a layover in Denver with Mom and my brothers on the way to the Dominican Republic.   I flew to Denver and Mom and Nick wouldn't tell me where they would be picking me up.  They were very sneaky and were waiting for me with a half colored sign.  Good thing they remembered my last name and I could too!  We then met up at the Rio in Denver for margs and Mexican Food.  Yum.  We haven't all been together for 7 years, so this was a blast to catch up!

Mom, Nick, Jef and I

My "LITTLE" brothers and I 

I got jipped on height, for sure!
Mom is 5'9", these boys are tall.

Brotherly Love

I hope your day is shaping up nice.  Here in Bozeman we are having 80 degree days which feels more like July than mid May.  We are rolling with it though!  I am going to keep up on this biggity blog, now that I can find a scrib of time here and there.  Stay tuned for more pics from the Dominican Republic, the Warrior Dash Race in AZ, and a trip to Kentucky y'all!

Over and Out,
Krissy Lee Flee