Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Strong Handshake Makes an Impression

When Hubby and I were in Denver a few weeks ago, I met one of my husband's peers. We met for the first time and then went about our visiting, partying ways and I didn't give it much thought. A bit later in the night, we visited again. He asked me, "Why do you have such a stong handshake?". I already knew this but I thought for just a moment and the reply way easy, "Because my Mom taught me to do so". It is as easy as that and a very important lesson, it does make a difference, and I will always remember. I don't like a limp handshake, I think it has developed into a pet peev of mine. Whether it is true or not, a limp handshake says I am at half mast, and a firm one says I am here and ready to take on the day. A first impression is very important to me and one that I always remember of others.

Mom also taught me that money does not make a person. If you have manners and a bit of hummility a person can interact with anyone. I have found this to be true, as well.

So Mom, I made this necklace for you as a symbol of your motherhood all wrapped up with memories, nastalgia and life lessons made into a silver pendant of pride. YOU did a great job with us kids and we do love you with all our hearts. Sorry it is late, but I learned it from watching you.

See below for your new necklace,
a picture of Nick, Mom and I,
and a picture of a rose bouquet for you.
Sorry, no pics of all us kids :(

Happy Belated Mothers Day!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I turned out like my mother,
after all !
And I am okay with this.

Love you MOM!!!!
Your munchkins,
Kristin, Jef and Nick

Mom also has a successful horse business. Check it out here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have You Eaten Your Glacier Lily Lately?

Good evening to you. Hubby and I spent last Friday night at the cabin. We knew it would be great but the flowers were amazing. The Glacier Lilies were in full bloom, there was an entire field of them. I had to nibble a couple of the blooms. They are a tasty, velvety, sweet treat that comes once a year. After reading a bit, the bulbs are edible and eaten by deer and bears frequently. I have been eating just the blooms since 1997, we are lucky to have these wildflowers in Montana, as they are one of my favorites. Make sure you do you homework before you dine, I don't want you eating something that will turn your stomach, or much worse. Their nodding posture, as well as, their two leaves coming out of the base of the plant will help you with identification.

We awoke to snow and trees that were dusted by silver sparkles, but only on one side. This place is so sweet I can't believe it. Have I told you how nice it is to camp at the best spot ever, but never do we have to take down our tent? And the weather is a welcome factor. During this stay, the quiet pitter patter of sleet on our steel roof put us in a deep slumber. I feel grateful to have such a dreamy haven. Actually I feel grateful for many things lately, and that is calming.

Be well.
My Gram's Baby Girl,
(she called me that on the phone today :) )
Kristin Lee

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Bisquit Bus.....

....has been going 85 mph for two weeks now.
We went to Colorado for a friend trip.
Love to the Cogdalls and Dirvonas'.
We sure did enjoy your families.

Then a quick road trip to teach
300 kids in an outdoor classroom.

A quick dinner party with friends
to send off our friend, Chele,
to get his commerical fishing boat
in order.

And tonight,
we are off to the the cabin.
I am spent.

Who is the slacking bliggity blogger?
Bisquit, that's who.

Be well and have a great weekend.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Specimens

I bought turquoise a'plenty at the local Gem and Mineral Show this morning. After taking an inventory of my loose cabochons, I realized a need for chunky turquoise stones and I found some amazing ones. Plus a ruby fuschite (in the middle) and that great rutile quartz/turquoise doublet (lower right) were some nice finds, too. I purchased these all from my Rock Man from Red Lodge, MT. I can't wait to use any of them!

We are off to attend two different parties. It is hard to keep up with this social schedule, who made it anyway, huh?

Happy Weekend,
Bisq-smith McGillicutty

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Powder Day, Say What?

That's right folks a powder day on May Day? It is true. With tons of mountain snow and valley rain, we aren't really sure that spring is indeed here. So instead of chomping at the bit we decided to enjoy the freshies. So much for bikini skiing. We skinned up Bridger to the Apron with friends and dogs for a May Day Jaunt.

Jess, Molly, Me, Katie

Henry was sooooo snowy that it siezed up his walking.
So the Kingsleys put a coat on him in hopes this would help.

Skin Shuffle Switchback

This is the line I skiied.
The snow felt like butter cream frosting.

And then Sunday....
we had Western Street Brunch
and hot springs.

Homemade waffles, sausage, fruit salad,
and my first scratch quiche (I even made the crust).

Soak your bones.
Scooter, Me, Suzanne, Scotty, Kmac and Don

Peace out,