Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Annual Fletcher Soiree

Well hello there blog readers and friends alike, nice to visit again.

The Fletchers, et al, visited us in early August joining us in Bozeman, and I am now just getting to posting the pics of our time together. They were here for 5 days, all 9 of them, and I assure you, there was never a dull moment.

There visit included, but was not limited to:
BBQing with friends and family
a stay at the cabin (including an orchestral snore off of great proportions)
schlepping several hundred pounds of rock (thanks to Steph, Bren and the girls)
a visit to Chico Hot Springs
driving lessons for Charlee in Uncle Scott's truck
cocktail and beer consumption, usually by lunch
belly laughs
relaxing chill time,
and so much more.

Brin and Kaden

Bryce and Kaden
(our family and our friend's kids
gelled like jello)

Sam (father-in-law) obliged
me with the dorky jump pics.
Gosh I love these,
they make me giggle.

Steve (brother-in-law) and Kirstin

Our nieces,
Charlee and Kiley,
my are they pretty girls!

Stephanie (sister-in-law)
in a kid sandwich.

Dinner at the cabin.


Brin loves bugs.
She's a princess that likes to get dirty,
this girl is after my heart.

Thanks so much for coming, we had a blast! You are coming next year too, right?
Bye for now,

Monday, August 16, 2010

Foodie Swap y Mi Nueva Amiga

Hola Mis Amigos,
I bid you a good Monday. I took part in The Foodie Swap of 2010 and received a sweet package of goodies from my new friend, Valentina. I can't tell you how much fun it was to gather up various goods for a swap. Valentina blogged about the experience and also posted a video and is quite a great gal. I am smitten over her name, her accent and that she speaks Spanish fluently. Having a new penpal reminds me of being young, friends can come in all forms and just at the right time. I really enjoy speaking Spanish and it is probably no coincidence at all that Umber Dove paired us up together.

Below is a pic of my unexpected loot:
lavendar honey
grapefruit marmalade
rhubarb chutney
hand picked yummy tea
a hand written note (probably my favorite part)
a cute terrier pad of paper

and thanks too, Dovey, for putting this on.

Hasta luego,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We Scored The #5 Bridger Chair

Howdy Chaps,
I am excited to report that the Fletcher's are feeling very lucky these days, as we won the right to purchase a retired Bridger Lift chair from our local Bridger Bowl. Out of 175 entries, I was 42 and hubby was 70. So we purchased two chairs, #5 and #8. We kept #5 and gave #8 to our best buddy, Uncle Don. He was thrilled, we suprised him for his birthday. For so many entries, we were super fortunate to score two chairs, because so many others didn't have the chance. What are we going to do with it, you may ask? Why we plan to take it to Stone Creek Haven and hang it from the trees. Until then, it will keep our Big Sky Gondola company in the backyard. For if it weren't for skiing and moving to Montana, my husband and I may have never gelled so sweetly like we have in our present state of marriage bliss. We love our new #5.

At home in the Montana,
Frisky Bisquit

PS. Thanks again for stopping by yesterday to comment on my new do, you are all the best!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hey Peeps,
I TOLD you I was going to cut my mane off. This was a big decision. And that is what I did! An extra bonus is that I am donating my pony tail to Locks of Love. Even better. I must admit, I am inspired by THIS special woman, UMBER. Stop on by to see her if you haven't already.

Old Do


I rocked a short do when Scott and
I first started to like each other.
Notice how young we look.

Nick and I
(little bro)

The offerings:
(bye, bye *stripper stripe)

My hair looks soooo dark,
this is my natural color
with a few greys sneaking in.

I lost two pounds off in shag,
Husband even paid for it and loves the cut.
Have I mentioned how
my husband is?
Well.... he is all that, and
sop it up with the Bisquit!

Off to the market,
xoxo Biz

*stripper stripe was one name among many that people called the dyed strands of hair I had, I am by no means a stripper, THANK YOU :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Markets and Custom Orders

Good day, eh?
I was looking at my blog posts and noticed I haven't posted pics of jewels in months. It certainly is not because I have been on a smithing hiatus. Frankly, the markets and custom orders have kept me busy as a bee. As a result, shop updates on ETSY are scarce at best. This will change in a month or so when the markets start to slow. I will beef up the shop inventory at this time. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and so have yourself a swell Monday evening.

Mixed Metal Bangles
(sterling, copper, and brass)

Barbed Wire Hoops
(sterling construction,
in the ETSY shop)

Half Hammered Drops
(sterling and turquoise construction)

Organic Rustic Ovals
(sterling construction)

Turquoise Tumbleweed
(turquoise, sterling and 14k gold)

Guitar String Stampings
from my husband
adorn the band.

Custom Order
(turquoise and sterling)

Conjuntos Necklace
(sterling and 14k gold)

Golden Glitzy Earrings

Los Mixtos Stacking Set
(turquoise, chalcedony, sterling, copper, 14k gold)

Turquoise Ring

Turquoise Ring

That's all for now folks.
My hair is dumb and tomorrow I am cutting it off.
And not just a trim either, I am shedding my shaggy mane.
A long hair for only one more day,