Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mini Shop Update

 Good day to you Friends!

The ETSY shop was truly neglected this summer.  But, I am happy to say, I had a wonderful summer and I wasn't always super tired.  So instead of working like crazy on jewelry, I focused on the Farmers' Market and having fun.  It just so happens I haven't posted an item on ETSY since June, HOLY CROW, here are several offerings.  They are currently in the shop and you can get to the link directly to your right! Thanks for stopping by for a visit, I really appreciate it!!!!!

Happy Turkey Week,
Krissy Lee

Turquoise Vestige Ring 

Buena Suerte Necklace

Panache Saddle Ring No. 11

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Biggerstaff is Pushing a Mean Pace

If you would like to see how we got this far and to see more photos, go HERE to my Flickr account.
Happy Harvest Sunday to you and yours.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Progress Update


Thanks for your patience....
I am well overdue for an update.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The House is Gandhi with the Windy

Howdy Friends and Family,
In case I wasn't clear before, our house is gone and we are starting from scratch, including the landscape.  I knew this fact going into the project and all along, but it wasn't totally apparent to me until we showed up on Aug. 8th, after a few days of vacation, and our house and lot were and dirt pile.  Adding to my "deer in the headlights look" and  general feelings of conflict regarding the loss of the old house and the wondering of our future, kitty was missing.  I could piece back together that Noche, our 12 year old kitty, had been in the neighborhood for two nights while we were in Red Lodge, MT.  Noche had come back home to his house of 9 years and wondered what the heck had happened.  According to the neighbors, on the morning of 8/8 they awoke to some terrible moans, meows, howls and the like.  Noche was sitting in the middle of the dirt pile letting the whole neighborhood know that this whole idea was BULL SHOCKEY and he wasn't having any of it.  When we got home that day and patched the stories together, I knew he must still be in the neighborhood.  I stopped by the house many times that day and sounded my whistle that we have him trained to, and never did find him in the daylight.  I went to bed and didn't sleep very well at all that night.  I awoke at 12:45am and buzzed back over to the house and Noche was meowing around the foundation.  All is well and my stress level has decreased.  Not only are we building a house, I am working through some life issues that I didn't even know were problems yet.  Have I told you how much fun building a house can be?  

Puttin' My Happy Face On

Building a life and house all at once,

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Work Begins

We are out of the house, the power has been disconnected, with a 
temporary power source installed,
and our new water well was drilled.
Each day there is a hum of activity
and I stop by there to pick up our mail daily.
Really I just use the excuse to be over there
to see the progression of work.
This project is really a GO, 
and I am getting excited about 
our finish date in November.
Yes, you can build a whole new house in
four months.

The next time we saw our house, it was a hole in the ground.
Stay tuned for more updates.

Happy Monday,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Stealth Cam Shots from the Cabin

Hey there,
I have missed you!  We have been busy, as always.  Instead of carrying on that it is too much, I am going to assume that life will maintain its busy-NESS and adapt.  After all, I get more done when there is more to do.  For a Christmas present (we don't celebrate Christmas with our friends on the correct date, ever) we recieved a Stealth Cam from Don and K-Mac with the intent of putting it at the cabin.  We got it placed in a location that Scoot and I thought might get some action because of scat and tracks we had seen before in the snow.  Luckily we were right, we are not alone!!!!  I can't explain how happy this makes me, I love having a set of eyes at the cabin when we are not there.  Check out the visitors.

Camera location, about 100 yards from cabin.

I was so excited, Fletch levitated for me!



Heading home for the weekend.


THANKS, DON AND KMAC, we love our gift!!!  The cow moose are my favorites, we thought she may come around for her debut!  The camera settings take a shot about every minute, if there is action.  That's why we got two shots for the same moose, she was hanging out.

Thanks for the visit,

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Fletcher Family Scramble

Well hello there,  
After giving little hints in my blog post previously, and upon have been given the permission by our architects, we can finally let the cat out of the bag.  Fletch and I are doing a total remodel of our 1960's 900 sq/ft home.  We have called this our nest since 2002 and to be frank, this isn't going to be easy to knock it down.  This is my husband and I's first house and what we called ours since living in our sweet little mountain town.  Last summer, beginning in May, we had an offer into an amazing house that we called the Red House.  To make a long story more brief, it was a short sale and in a total mortgage buying time warp.  We just couldn't get excited about the house any longer after having put up three offers and having none work out just right.  I didn't mention it here, because I don't deal well with dissapointment and so I could never get excited.  Really, this was just a blessing in disguise that allowed us to re-evaluate our wants and needs.  What we wanted was a new house, in our existing neighborhood, next to the Lowry's, with all our special needs.  After a bit of research, and because we live in the county, the best plan was to build on our existing site because we could avoid all the sticky city covenance crap and building permitting business.  See, we live in Bozeman right in town, but are grandfathered in to a county set up with nothing more than a landuse permit required to build.  Oh goody! Lindsay Schack and Tuya Studios are the architects we have been working with since February to get our desires on paper.  We decided on going with Biggerstaff Contstruction of Big Sky to build our custom Fletcher Flat.  We will begin work after the 11th of July and hope to be finished in four months-ish, heavy on the ish!  

So that's the story in a nutshell.  Fletch and I are going to do our best to be gentle on each other, a family pact we have already established, because the stress is building.  We do what we can to get outside since the weather has finally decided to warm up, smearing fat together in the woods seems to be the best remedy of late.  

Happy weekend.
Thanks for stopping by,
Our House Now.

The Partners' House,
Our Home for 5 months, 
luckily only 4 blocks away.

Fletcher's New Flat
View from the front. 
Yep, that's a flat roof on the garage!

View from the backyard.

Elevational Details including:
rolled steel gutters, a sliding panelled door w/exposed hardware,
framed and detailed window brows, reclaimed wood siding,
entry nook, and a clean volume.

Continued details:
Master Bedroom above the garage with enclosed
steam shower and river rocked detailing the floor, private master
patio with 3 paneled sliding door.
See that garage door on the back, that's to my new studio!!!!
I will have a workbench on coasters and will
schelp projects outside to work.
I am also excited about the finished texture on the garage volume,
it is a layered and trowelled plaster in a dark slate that will have 
a velvety texture when completed.

New Kitchen:
angled garden window, marble pastry slap, 
Alder chopping block, an open floor plan,
and a Blue Star cooking range.

Bro, Sister-in-Law and Dad.
Check out the Aspen tree in 2005, 
the year we got married.

And would you look at it last week?
Unfortunately this baby is getting the yank,
the top half is dead and way to close for our new 
two story garage structure.
These are the parts that are going to be hard.
But we do have the garden planted!

If we completely meltdown
and when all else fails,
we will run to the hills by our 

We are in fact headed up this afternoon,
I have to get going!
Hasta luego otra vez,