Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cruiser Season Has Begun

But, you wouldn't know by looking outside. We are on a winter storm warming with 5-10 inches in the valley and 1-2 feet in the mountains. It was snowing sideways today, awesome. I do love the season changes but spring toys with my emotions every year. Just when you think it is spring and your blood has thinned by adjusting to warmer weather, BAM, snow storm. We need the snowpack that is for sure. But good grief!

We have busted out our crusiers and use them to get around town. Bozeman is quite flat and getting more bike friendly as time passes. I have never passed up an opportunity to ride my bike because of attire, MORE CHICKS ON BIKES IN SKIRTS PLEASE. That's my philosophy. I think it is romantic and quite liberating.

Ask my Mom, she has been through some cruiser bike training that included two martinis. She wanted more bikes and drinks!

So here are some recents pics. The ones that were shot at night might have been after one too many blueberry mohitos. Liquid courage...who was driving my bike anyway? The following photos were taken while on my cruiser.

Headlamp, saftey first.

Red Boots
(from my mother-in-law)

Turquoise Dress

The grocery getter with irridescent
turquoise paint and flowers,
she's a three speed.

Have a great hump evening!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hefty Shop Update

Good day to you my friends.
I would like to thank you all
for reading and obliging me,
even if only for a short moment of the day.
I do appreciate it.

The Women's Expo was
a success.
I had a ton of fun and sold some goods.
What else can you ask for?

And as it looks,
my marathon pace to complete as many
items as possible by burning the
candle at both ends and sleeping
so little....
was worth it!

But gosh darn it,
I started thinking.
This rampant pace reminded me of
last summer when a full time job and
two farmers' markets of jewelry selling,
really put a damper my life.
I am lucky to have an understanding husband,
but something has to give.

Thanks, Hubby, for putting up with me these last few weeks,
you are the best.

The plan for the summer now, is to make time
to ride my mountain bike, camp, hike,
mushroom hut, cabin,
and whatever else I need to
keep the sails full and my marriage swell.
It sounds executable now,
but I have got to do it.
Work hard and play harder!

Without further banter,
with more to come:

(please see the ETSY listing for details)

Talk soon,

PS. Has anyone heard of Vagazzling (besides Jess or Kmac)?
If you have, email me...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Women's Expo

Bozeman, MT
Saturday 4.24.10
MSU Brick Breeden Field House
Free Admission

Come over and visit me if
you are in the area.
I would love to chat
and there is so much to enjoy
at the Expo.

Here is just a small preview of what I will be selling:

Peruvian Blue Opal, Drusys,
Lemon Chrysoprase,
Cat's Eye Rutile Quartz,
and turquoise,
all of sterling and 14k gold construction.

Rings, earrings,
and gemstone hairclips.

Pearls, turquoise, sterling,
gold, copper.

Giant Hoops in Sterling

Sterling Barbed Wire

Riveted Mokume Ring

So there you have it folks,
I will also have even MORE items for
your pleasure at the Expo.

You can be sure that some of the
rings that don't sell at the Expo
will have a place in my ETSY shop
early next week.

Have an excellent Friday!
Today I skipped the govt. job to tie
up any loose ends, price items,
and smith.

The Juicy Strawberry,
Bisquit and Jam

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bikini or Bust

Remember I said we have to earn our turns?
For me to ski this time of year,
it has to be sunny.
A bikini helps,
and my Husband is
very supportive of this,
go figure!

So we took our dog and Luca for
a quick-ski (new word I invented this year)
at Bridger last weekend.
We still have plenty of snow
and the weather has
provided us with wonderful
springlike weather.

Danger, avalanche conditions may exist.

Happy Fletchers!


And then we went out with friends for dinner and cocktails
on Saturday night.

Karen, Scooter, Me, Jess, John

Hey Ladies!
Cheryl, Jess, Robyn, Me and Karen

And then to top it all off,
we could almost drive all the way to the cabin
on Sunday.
We chopped wood,
basked in the sun,
and had a picnic.

I have been feverishly smithing
to up my inventory for the Womens' Expo
on Saturday, 4.24.10
This means...
sore fingers,
late nights,
very little sleep,
and stones.
I will give you a preview before I go.

Talk soon and be well,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pond Skim and Other Tomfoolery

I am a bit tardy in my posts, but
wanted to catch you up on some fun.
Last weekend we put Big Sky and Moonlight
Resorts to bed for the season.
No more lift access for us.
Now if you want to ski...
you have to earn your turns.

On Saturday, we took in the
Pond Skim where crazy
people ski (or whatever)
across a pond and try to make
it to the end.
More people make it than you expect.
It was awesome!

Big Sky, MT

Lone Peak in the background.

Hubby and I

Karen can crush beer cans on her head,
you should see what else she can do!

And on Sunday,
we dressed to ski.
We were quite the
motley crew.
That's my crown from winning
Pioneer Days Princess
when I was five.

Karen is all about it!

Karen and Don
What a couple.

All of us.
Max, Audra, Scotty, Scooter,
Me, Kmac, Don

Have I told you how much fun dressing up to ski is,
well it is.

Happy Monday!!!!

Have a swell Monday

Monday, April 12, 2010

Silver Spring Sprouts

Here are a few
silver spring sprouts
I smithed
Yes um, that's almost a tongue twister.

El Nube Plateado
(turquoise and silver in a
fancy schmancy setting)

(MT chalcedony in a unique cut and silver)
A Montana born perwinkle gem for your digit.

Both the above sprouts are in the ETSY shop now.

Los Mixtos
custom order
(sterling, copper
14k rose and yellow golds,

Thanks so much for stopping by,
and reading this,
looking at the photos,
or if you just happen to drop in.
I do appreciate it.
Best regards,

Friday, April 9, 2010

Signs of Spring

Happy Friday Friends,
we made it,
thank goodness.

Our weather here in
southwestern MT is
quite volatile at this point,
including rain, snow, graupel,
sleet, warm sun,
and everything in between,
and that may be all in the same day.
There are however,
signs of spring.

Pretty crocus.

My tulips which were grazed
and we live in town, mind you!
These deer are smart,
they have eaten my tulips
for consecutive years.
But, if you notice,
they did their chomping prior
to blooming and I will still get a flower.
Oh goody.

Our groomed moss.

Hyacinth spreading their wings.

Fuzzy poppy.

Hens and Chicks
still red from the winter.

The deer muched these too.

Here are some fresh smithings
from Wednesday and Thurday nights.
I am gearing up for the Women's Expo
here in Bozeman.

My fingers hurt.

freshwater pearl, turquoise,
MT chalcedony, sterling, gold, and kyanite

Bangle Off
and a happy fat band.

The shop may be a little slow with regard
to listing until after the
Expo is over.
But the unsold goodies will
be put in the shop.

Enjoy the weekend!