Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hot Off the Press

Happy Wednesday to you,
can you believe it is almost
the beginning of a new decade?

Here are some new jewels
for your gazing:

Sterling Feather and Sleeping Beauty
Turquoise Necklace

Silver Saddle Ring

Luxe Earrings
Gold, Labradorite, and Sterling

The necklace will be in the shop by morning,
and the others are in the
ETSY shop now.

Happy to be near weekend...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fletcher's Merry Best Christmas

We are wishing you and
your loved ones the very best.

We had the best Christmas ever
and are feeling very content
that we stayed home....
or more importantly
that we skiied into the cabin on
Christmas Eve.

We have to ski in a mile, and all
items have to be schlepped in,
so we decieded on stocking stuffers
(aka backpack stuffers).

Gram Dulcia's Oyster Stew
sooo delicious
w/ red wine

Chocolates and Warm Fires

Oh this chocolate!
I am so addicted.
It is a local shop here
that handmakes decadent sweets.
Check out their shop.

Chillin' by the Fire

Jazz Hands
with the new Christmas
X-Country Gloves!


We swear that there is a
time warp at
Stone Creek Haven.

Stone Creek is still flowing.
We drank from its
slushy waters this trip.

Snow Crystal Feathers
(I am in love)

There you have it, we spent two splendid nights.
When we weren't enjoying our cooking
or sipping cocktails,
we toured on our x-country skis,
chopped wood,
shoveled snow,
and kept warm.
We absolutely love it at the cabin
and wonder when we will wake
up from our dream.
It truly is a Stone Creek Haven.

We did have the
Merry Best Oyster Christmas Ever!

Season's Greetings,
Bisquit and Scooter

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Luge Course and Other Holiday Cheer

Good day to you friends!
Here are some past weekend
festivites that I have to share.

First, the Bad Sweater Party:

Thanks for inviting us Kelly and John,
we had a blast!

Kristy, Jess and Dan

Ilida and Qui
(not responsible for spelling)

Hubby and I

Frank and Shaw

And now to the LUGE COURSE:
We have been building a Luge Course for our
sledding enjoyment, including banked turns,
at Stone Creek Haven.
All this snow shoveling and tom foolery
is in preparation for our
New Year's Eve Sledding Extravaganza.

As you can see from the following pics,
it is a blast.
Oh how I love to sled,
it brings me back to carefree days of childhood.

You can now sled from the cabin stairs
to the end of the driveway,
if you have the skills?


Moose skat

Scott and Jess
(carnage but still giggling)

(haulin' booty and takin' the bank)


What a fun day we had,
thanks friends.

In other urelated news, I am now hummbled.
While in the driveway this morning I took a spill.
As my Gram would put it I went,
"a## over teacup".
You know when both feet come off the ground
and you land flat on your back like the cartoons,
well that was me.
Please snicker if you may, I did :)
I am okay, thanks.
I think that is God's way of helping me
check myself before I wreck myself.

Happy Holiday,
Cheery Bisquit

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Cat's Out of the Bag

Yes, Folks, the gig is up.
Jen and Jeremy are engaged to be married!
They are good friends and a great couple,
You will now both enjoy the beginnings
of marital bliss.
Oh goody,
it does come in so many forms.

Jeremy commissioned a custom
engagement ring.
Together we brainstormed ideas,
taking into consideration Jen's taste
in jewelry.
I already know what she likes,
she has quite a little
Bisquit collection.
So I began with sketches and ideas
in mid-November.

Jeremy picked out two initially,
but when Jen found there were
three to be had,
Jen had to have them all.
What a peach she is.
The stress and work was difficult,
I had to up my skills for an engagement ring,
but the results are sweet.
Thank you both for appreciating them
and giving them all three a home.
I am flattered and humbled.
Thank you times 1000!

Three Feathered Friends:
Rings featuring feathers
along with Turquoise, White Topaz,
Agate Drusy, and Sterling

Here's the love birds now!

Thanks you so much,
I am tickled pink.

Tonight we are headed to a bad sweater
Christmas party, I will definitely have some pictures.

Merry Christmas,
Kristin Lee

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shop Update

Good evening to you all, I am sleepy but happy as can be. My two trunk shows were a total success last week. I ended up selling quite a few pieces and had just a joyous time while doing so. Whether going to shows or hosting them here at our house, I love to gather around new and old friends for a visit while enjoying tasty tidbits, nibbles or bubbly AND discussing jewelry. These are so many of my favorites. Oh yes, the holidays do soften me up around the edges. Thank you to everyone who visited and supported me!
I also completed two custom orders, of late, and the new owners were very pleased. Custom work is such a treat and it does test me when pushing my skills to the next level. Thanks Kate, you are kind and I miss you. The other custom pieces I will just show you the back of, below, as to not blow the cover on the gig. I am thrilled how these pieces turned out, so when the gig is up, I will show you the fronts of the suprise rings! These pieces have been in the works for more than a month and having them finished is creating a 3 day feeling of elation. I am really thrilled with my craftswomanship and am in awe of just the weight of the pieces.

The Christmas Tree is up, the pressure is off of me for metalshithing, and I could't be more tickled pink that things feel to be slowing a bit. It maybe just for a day, but that would be nice. We have been excessively busy since mid November. With our travelling mostly done, I am happy to be home for the holidays.

Be well,
xoxox Bizzle Fo Shizzle

Here is some new work for the shop, and I will get it all posted by tomorrow....slow and steady.

Sterling and Turqoise

Sterling and Pearl

Turquoise, Stering, Topaz, and Rose Gold

Friends of a Feather: Rings featuring Feathers
Lower Left: Turquoise Ring shown above
Upper and Right: Custom Orders, no peeking!

Sterling and Blue Quartz

Patterned Square Bangle

Pearl, Sterling, and Czech Crystals

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver and Czech Crystals

Friday, December 11, 2009

I am grateful for my friends!

The Trunk Show at our house was a success!
I am truly grateful today,
and it all because of the
stunning support shown
by my friends.
Thanks especially to:
Kelly and Kaden
And thanks to those that let me know they had other plans :)

I truly do appreciate your looking after my
creations and finding a home for them.
But more importantly, I really enjoyed
sipping cocktails and eating snacks
with you,
even if it were only for a bit,
I loved it.

I know I have been super busy,
so I want to say:
I love you all!

I have been smithing this morning to gather
a few more goodies for the show at
Fusion Salon in Bozeman on Saturday.
Stop by if you can make it.

And I have more:
Absolute Boston Cranberry Mojitos
Hot Spiced Wine
and Crab Puffs.
Do come over for happy hour if you will.
Hubby and I will be home about 5:30pm,
for we are off to acquire our ski passes and
do a bit of sooshing.
My skis are still new from last year
and I almost forgot they were pink.

Brimming with glee
Bisquit Can Ski

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trunk Show Prep

Here are just a couple goodies
that I have been working on
for my shows on Thursday
and Saturday.
I am smithing feverishly
on new designs.
Stop by if you are in the area.

freshwater pearl

one amazing turquoise stone
MEOW! I really like this ring.

I will be closing the ETSY shop on
Thursday and Saturday
during the show.
And what doesn't find a home there
will be in the shop next week.

Have a swell humpday,
Krissy Poo
(high pitched nasal voice)
(snicker, snort)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Happy Monday to you!
We returned to Bozeman from
Portland late Saturday night to
Darn, shoot, mcgillicutty,

I have been burning fires in our 1950's
of sorts, in my shop and
have finished up some work.

Mommy necklace
Sterling and Labradorite
(custom order)

Double-Decker Horseshoe
(custom order)

Purple Drusy Ring
Sterling and Natural Quartz
(for upcoming shows)

back of ring

Sterling and Tourmaline
(will be in Etsy shop by morning)

Sterling and Turquoise
(for upcoming shows)

Have a swell evening
and a
great Tuesday.

With frost,
The Chilly Bisquit

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pacific North West, How I Love Thee

Whether it is the moss, the ferns, the milder temps, the amazing trees, the smells, the hustle and bustle of city life, the public transportation, coffee shops by the gazillions, seafood...
I love it in the PNW.

As planned, I met up with hubby on Thursday night in Portland, OR. We have been having a joyous time and the Christmas Party was a success.

Columbia River


Mossy Mosserson

Where ferns grow all year.

Some of our holiday favorites.
If you make a bar, they will drink.

I hope your weekend is splendid
and I will chat with you upon returning to Montana.

Peachily in the PNW,
(the little bisquit)