Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Very Swell Day....

....which included some of my favorites.

Skiing with Hubby at Bridger,
playing hookey for just a bit.

New Earrings for Girls Outdoors

Apres Ski Margaritas

We had a blast and sure do enjoy our life.

Happy Hump Day,
(we are on the downhill stretch)
Snow Bisquit

Monday, January 25, 2010

Back from our Colorado Vacation

Good Monday to you folks!
Scott and I went to Colorado this weekend and managed to get both families loved up at once! Scott's family has always celebrated Christmas in January and so this trip was to enjoy these festivies. But first, we met my family at the Denver Stock Show for a rodeo.

Mom and I
(I guess we do look alike,
same noses I think)

Nick and I
(my "little" 16 year old brother)

German Food for dinner
(schnitzel, spaetzle, cucumber salad and more)
(necklace by Sunny Rising Leather of ETSY)

German Mustard, cheese assortment
and onions!

Holiday Key Lime Shots
(I will always be a bartender)

All the dinner guests

We had a blast,
Thanks Fletchers.


Monday, January 18, 2010

With a Heavy Heart

Here is to you, Travis:

One year ago, Sunday 1.17.09, our dear friend Travis was in an avalanche and left this world to be part of another. He was such a good man and his departure left my husband and I truly shaken for sometime. Kelly and Kaden, his widowed wife and boy, are doing really well given the circumstances. Scott and I are a part of their lives and sure do enjoy the time we spend with them. Larry and Joan, his parents, suffered a huge loss and we feel for them. Travis was a central part of their lives. Loosing a friend is rough, I can't imagine loosing a husband, dad, or son. So my heart will always be a little bit heavier when I think of how amazing it was when he lived and how crappy it is sometimes with him gone.

Here are some things of note as a result:

1. There is no time today to worry about what happens when you die... when you go, you go.
2. I take a ton of pics as a result of Trav's passing.
3. Travis would give me hats quite often....I wear the ones he gave me and continue to build my collection.
4. Most of our outdoor gear is from Travis and we think of him each time we use it.
5. Kaden Lee is more important and dear to us.
6. Turn on your freaking avalanche beacon and check each time you go, yours and your partners'.
7. Know the snow conditions and study them throughout the year and assess your risk accordingly. (Travis and his partners were very experienced in snowmobiling and avalanche rescue.)
8. Just because there are tracks on a slope (ski or sled) doesn't mean it's stable.
9. Cherish your family and friends, you never know.

Here are details about Travis and the avalanche at Crown Butte (Cooke City, MT)

Travis and Bella
(snuggling under a blanket)

A photo of Travis on the family wall
(Scott's last ride with Travis
up Stone Creek, special)

Kaden Lee
(we eat whipped cream with one finger)

Kelly, Kaden and Molson

Kaden Lee
(he is adorable)

Larry, Kaden and Kelly
(that's Frisky Kaden is riding,
Frisky is easily 60 years old)

So now you know a bit more about Travis,
and why Kaden and Kelly are particularly
important to us.

Love up on each other,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Laura Blue's Paintings are STUNNING.....

My friend Laura Blue Palmer Sawaya
is an amazing painter.
Not only is she an old soul,
and a great pal,
she can capture
in her work.

Laura's area of expertise is
in her ability to transfer memory
to her paintings,
and her real
representations of our
Montana landscape.

Here is her website.
You will enjoy her work.

"Cottonwoods at Dusk" 50x50 - Available through the Old Main Gallery
in downtown Bozeman,MT
This is Hubby, Laura and I
all puffed up and happy to be night skiing.

Have a great weekend.
I am thrilled it is Friday.

Hasta Luego,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In the Shop Now

Turquoise Melding Ring
(turquoise and rutile quartz doublet
accompanied by silver)

This beauty is in the shop now,
with more to come later.
I have a Mexican Fire Opal Ring and
some sweet earrings that will make its
way through the day.

Have an amazing Thursday,
we are almost to Friday!

Smitten Smiffer,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

From The Picture Window

From the picture window on the backside of the cabin...

We have deer!

And we have elk!

We have spent some time up Stone Creek on the land,
before the cabin was built.
We saw the game trails and the sign,
we were hoping.

It is confirmed and documented.
The picture window is now the

And if this wasn't one of the best weekends already......

We just had to soak in the HOT SPRINGS!

Happy Weekend!!!!
Warmed Bisquit

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monumental Juncture

Good Monday to you folks. I hope your Holidays were as splendid as could be. We had a swell time!

We finally picked up our ski passes yesterday from Bridger Bowl. It was a gorgeous sunny day and there had been just a few inches of fresh snow and not many people at the hill. This was an especially sweet day because my husband and I mark our years together in ski passes. This year marks 10 years of skiing and playing in the snow with Scott, OH GOODY! And on that same sort of juncture topic, yesterday also marked my 31st year of skiing....yep, the parents put me on skis at 2 years old. This is all making a bunch of sense because, I LOVE TO SKI. The result of all this year counting makes me more sentimental rather than feeling old, and I like that part.

Here is to another amazing year of skiing in the snow with hubby!

Please dump a foot,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year Giggle

Happy New Year to you all, welcome to your new 2010!

My husband, Scott, is taking the footage of the Luge Course we have been working on at Stone Creek Haven. I am not sure which is better, the sledding or my husband giggling. The cabin slept 8 people and 5 dogs comfortably, yessss! I was a little worried, as this was our first stay with a bunch of friends. We had a mountain of fun and laughs. Thanks friends, for coming in to enjoy the New Year with us!

Frank is doing the sabotage, John gets the brunt of it, and Dan is the one who launches and wrecks. Henry, the Golden Retriever, gets clipped too. This is so darn funny!

Have the best long weekend!
I am well rested and so giddy.

With Love,
Krissy Pie