Friday, April 29, 2011

Springtime Jig

Happy Friday,
I hope this note finds you well and that the week is winding down to a Friday Happy Hour! In the Northern Rocky Mountains we are still snowing and experiencing some onery and ferocious storms which come in the form of rain, sleet, gropple, slop, flakes and the like. I tell you, this is the hardest time of the year in Bozeman. I am ready to be done skiing, but it is far too muddy to do anything else. Spring mud season is a beast of her own caliber. So my Springtime Jig is to show Mother Nature that I am holding strong in a flowered skirt, because there aren't any flowers popping in the garden. In fact, we are something like %135 of our normal snowpack in the Gallatin Range and hubby left at 6am this morning to ski powder that fell yesterday. Truly, all this snow and moisture will amount to ample stream flows for the fishies and less forest fires. I wrapped up two major projects with deadlines at the real job, I am thrilled that it is Friday, and we have an exciting birthday party this evening.

Do have yourself a good day,

PS. I took these photos alone with the help of a remote control :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Ski Tour of Small Mountain Bridger

Welcome to your week, I hope it is treating you well. Several weeks ago, when the snow was still fluffy and the weather still wintery, I enjoyed a beautiful day at Bridger Bowl with my best ski pal, HUBBY. The first video is a tour from the ridge, just off of Schlachman's lift. To ski this area, a beacon is required, and we always bring along shovel, partner and probe. More this year than ever, Fletch and I have resort skiied and had plenty of days in the back country. This has been a fabulous winter!

The second video is me filming Scott fluffing and flirting in the cold smoke. And you get to hear my voice, for all of us that haven't met in the flesh. Just so you know, Scott and I talk which CAW is a universal word and totally effective communication. CAW can .... divulge your whereabouts, announce you are lost, say you are ready, locate your husband in the forest or snow storm, OR, say I am ready with the camera, SKI ON!!!! See for yourself.

Cheers, Bisquit

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Lucky, Gemmy, and Random

Howdy Hump Day La Gente,
First to report, the lucky part: The Fletchers have a new family member as of today, we welcome Holden Fletcher. HAPPY BABY, Steven and Kirstin. We are lucky and blessed, as this is the second munchkin born in our FAM, Madeline was just born last month. So Fletch and I are Double-Aunt-and-Uncle LUCKY.

Now to the gemmy and random part. Since I am a civil servant and there was the looming issue of the government shutting down and such, I thought I might have a couple of days off. Rather, we have a weeks worth of money to work with and we will see next week. Eh hem......getter done already, SENATORS. So we went to work happily, as usual, and the week's work travels took me to Red Lodge, MT. This is my favorite town, by far, next to Bozeman, in Montana. Given this ripe opportunity I snatched up some stones cut by a local lapidary that works in town. Would you look at those stones? And Joe took me on a tour of his newly located shop which houses his miriad of stone cutting tools. Clearly this tickled my fancy, I love to see how raw rock makes it way to cabochons, and I asked as many questions as I could. And boy howdy, I can ask some questions.

Enough banter, here are the goods.

A bunch of turquoise, Tiffany Stone w/ Drusy Vug,
Burro Creek Jasper w/ Drusy Vug, Cobaltocalcite Drusy

Love my new IPhone and I am
making feather earrings.
Feather Flirts are still in
the trial stages to see
how they wear.

The Cobaltocalcite Drusy with all its fancy
Malachite crystals.

More than ever:
He's my nook and I fit in his cranny...
under the chin, right in the sweet spot
where I belong.

Good Photo Mr. Shanky

Mom knows, so the news is out.
I got a covey of huns
in flight....
our home birds.

And last but not least,
we put Bridger Lift access to bed.
We wore our best 80's wigs for support and
rounded out the year with an
epic 120" inch base.

While the season of lift access is a thing of the past,
I am sure my hubby will convince me to skin
up Bridger in a bikini like last year.
And I probably will,
but only if the sun is shining
and I can tan my
Montana Winter White Fat.

Over and Out,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Got All Dolled up for Baby's 40th Birthday!

Scott turned 40 on 3.26 and we went all out for his 1920s birthday celebration. The party wasn't a suprise, he picked the theme, but many of the details were. As you can see from the photos, everyone wore their best to contribute and the whole event was a masterpiece. Thanks a million to the Kingleys for hosting the event at their house, Jess for helping me plan the awesome party, Molly for designing the invitations and Robyn for decorating. I was thrilled to see everyone's costume, thanks FRIENDS, for adding so much to the party. If you can't tell, we love dressing up!!!!!

With some colored streamers, fresh tulips, candy ciggys, doilies, 14 different kinds of appetizers, Cosmopolitans, Lime Rickeys, feathers, fedoras, and fringe you can turn your house into a Speakeasy in just an afternoon. The Dames were looking hotsy totsy and the men weren't lookin' too shabby themselves. Believe me, this was no dry juice joint.

Happy Birthday Week Fletcher!!!!! I love you more and more each year.

With gratitude,

If you want to see more, go HERE, to my Flickr account.