Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Best Little Bath House

Howdy Doody,
As promised, here is another bliggity blog post and an introduction to The Best Little Bath House located in the Bangtail Mountains, our Stone Creek Haven. The Bath House has the very amazing sauna and a soon to be shower. We have been using the sauna, crafted of untreated cedar from head to toe, since late summer and enjoying every sweat we can get. Now with a snowy blanket covering the ground, we find a roll in the snow is just what the doctored ordered to cool off once you have sweat your arse off. After your roll in the snow, a dash back in the warm sauna to heat up again, and repeat, and you get the idea. Dan and Hubby designed the sauna after the traditional Norwegian style in which the floor is meerly a deck floor. This and the window allow for plenty of air ventilation so your breath is never taken from you. Upon getting toasty as can be and realizing you must go, you already await your next sauna.

A photo of the cabin and the bath
house to the left,
before the snow flew.

Please leave your boots at the door.

Steamy and dreamy.

Multiple levels for all temps.

The sauna just melts us.
The Steamy Bisquit


Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

Good day Friends and Family,
I write today wishing you the best of Holiday goodies, cheer and delight! The Fletchers have definitely had their share, with more New Year festivites planned for this weekend. It is very clear that while the blog has been collecting dust, I can't lie, we have been skiing. Even my Mom mentioned, "Why aren't you blogging daughter"? After our whirlwind trip schedule that started in November, we are happy to keep cozy at home over the holidays. And maybe I will even start bloggin more, oh goody!

Please enjoy the following photos that document how skiing has filled our snowy lives.

Champagne celebrating another year of skiing together.
Fletch and I document our years together by ski passes,
this marks year 13, holy crap!

The New Bridger Lift...
new, shiny, and fast.

Post ski parking lot libation.

We have to ski into the cabin
until the snow melts,
and this is just fine for us.

The Bath House with
the warmest little sauna
you have every sweat in....

I can't begin to describe how swell the sauna has been to enjoy.
It's imbued internal heat keeps
your blood warm even after you have left.
Our homemade herbal oil tincture melds with the aroma
of freshly cut cedar which adds to the overall catharctic experience.
Hubby makes sure we take breaks every 15 minutes, like the good
Norwegian way.
Did I mention scantily clothed snow baths,
these are the best!

A back country skin up our new run,
"Afternoon Delight".

The necessities...
beacon, shovel, probe, Hubby...

X-Country Tomfoolery Skiing
with Robyn.
Ding dang it was cold!

Max Lowry, our favy neighbor,
even got new skis.

Soon, he will ski!

Hope you are getting out, even if it's really chilly! Bundle up and then drink hot chocolate when you come in....that's the best.

More sauna pics from Stone Creek Haven to come.

El Bizcocho Feliz

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Join Us!

Holiday Open House at Girls Outdoors
Thursday Night from 4-6:30
20 N. Tracy Bozeman, MT

Drop in for a tasty beverage while gazing upon fancy holiday jewels and outdoor clothing.

Plus Downtown is Ladies Night on Thursday Evening!

Below is a brief preview of newly smithed items that will be available during the open house.

Vestige Ring
sterling and turquoise

Wishbone Necklace
sterling and turquoise
embellished with a feather, hangs 24"

Salt Chuck Necklace
sterling and fresh water pearl

Panache Saddle Ring
sterling and copper

Snow Bunny Posts
So you can still look girlish,
without freezing your lobes off.

Silver Spikes

Simple Hoops

Ruby Kiss Posts

Mixed Metal Pebble Stackers
sterling, 14k gold, copper

Hodgito Posts
Hodge-podge little posts.

I will be making more of these...
love how the dapped feather curls over your lobe.

Hammered Silver Spikes

Simple Hoops

Salt Chuck Ring
sterling and fresh water pearl

Happy Holidays,
Smithy Bisquey

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Next to Halloween, this is probably my favorite holiday. Both have small expectations with great fun and rewards, these are my simple joys. We are going to our friends house in town for some home cooked food, drinks and hot tubbing. After MAJOR family Fletcher consternation, we decided that an 8 hour drive to Hettinger, ND in -20 to -40 degree temps on ice, for a pheasant hunt, would not be the wisest decision. Albeit, a tough decision, we had just driven this same stretch last weekend on ice, not fun!

The following pictures document our deer hunt last weekend near Ekalaka, MT. Let me say ahead of time that I did a fair amount of talking with God, given the cold weather and that I harvested a deer. This is never easy for me and takes a ton of mental preparation. Which is to say, that if I had a good shot, one that I was comfortable with, I would have to take it. This is my 5th year of deer hunting and I have only got one deer 4 years ago. So while this was a success for me, I owe it all to my husband whom is my #1 GUIDE and who ensures that all my equipment will provide for a successful hunt. This was a thrill to him too!

Game face,
with camo makeup.

And I got glasses to help me see


Our buddy Don came along
for the first time.

A nice 4x4 Whitetail buck,
still in velvet.
After a bit of research,
we call this deer a stag.

It ended quick, one shot and
I am grateful.

Home Sweet Home

Brother in Law, Steven,
cooking crab and brie stuffed salmon.
We always eat amazingly!

Da Boyz,
Steven, Don and Scott

Waiting in anticipation for the sun to rise.

Battle Butte (L) and Lone Woman Butte (R)

There was no shortage of whiskey drinking :)

A Fletcher Family Tradition,
the butt warmer.
Do it when no one is looking or do it when all your friends
can do it at once.
That way, no one sees.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Sam always brings Jagermeister,
for us deer hunters.

Tent camping

Fancy Cocktail
made by hubby.

Yummy lasagne and salad.

The pooper.

Brenda, my very fun

Wishing you the best of Thanksgivings.
Krissy Pants