Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Skiing Has Been The Bomb - Vol. 4

I am still embracing this weather, enjoying the blanket of snow while we have it. These pictures document a ski day with Fletch that was awesome. The blue sky was seen, the sun blazing and a powder day....this is called a Bluebird Day for you non-ski junkie types. Luckily I got to spend it with my favorite ski buddy whom also happens to be my husband. Boy I am lucky!

The usual self portrait.

Schlasman's Lift shut down for a short stint,
so we had a bask in the sun.

Our home hill.

Vodka tonic for a road soda.

Soaking up the sun to the fullest!

And last but not least, here is a VERY short video of Scott in shoulder deep powder, AKA Montana Cold Smoke. I was just getting adjusted to the video camera on my Iphone so it isn't the best. However, the powder was the BEST!

I do appreciate your stopping by for a visit, more than you know.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Skiing Has Been Opulent - Vol. 3

Today we are under a blanket of clouds, and oscillating between snow, rain and sleet. I told myself this morning to relax, Spring is coming, so no reason to get excited. This mud season that comes every year always does this to me. So for now, I will show you some wintery photos that document a short ski in which we explored the Clearwater National Forest.

Jess and Dan

Jess and Scott gearing up.

Post ski:
Scott, myself, Dan, Jess and Jon

With a little attitude:
Scott's back hurt, can you tell?

broken windshield in Montana = the usual.

Have a great humpday,

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Skiing Has Been Lush - Vol. 2

Happy Monday to you.

As I said I would, here is the next installation of our skiing photos. While others are enjoying spring, with blossoms blooming and bulbs pushing upward, we are still under a good cover of snow in the mountains. We have started to melt in the valley and it is a sloppy, muddy mess where ever you go. The time change has made a marked difference in extending the amount of daylight we have, a welcomed switch. I have to keep telling myself that we have probably 6 more weeks of winterly-like weather; sleet, rain, slop, mud, and repeat. So I can't quite get excited for warmer weather yet. We are still skiing our pants off.

Several weekends ago, Fletch and I skipped out of town and travelled to Lost Trail, MT for a we-need-to-get-out-of-dodge quick trip. The skiing was delightful and we were lucky enough to stay at Shaw's family cabin very near the ski hill, in Idaho. Montana is such a dreamy place. Lost Trail Ski Hill takes me back to when skiing at small resorts as a child was what I lived for, my roots. Really this hasn't changed :)

On the road.

Montana at its BEST.

Dan, Scott, Jess, Alida, Jon, Qui, Shaw, and myself.

Nice "action snow throwing", Fletch!

Thanks Shaw!!!!!

Holding Tight for Spring,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Skiing Has Been Majestic - Vol. 1

Hey there family and friends,
I hope your week is treating you just right.

I have been in "Helena -handbasket"
all week for the real job.
They have been keeping me busy
and the time has hastily past.
I am so ready to join my family at
home tomorrow.

Without further banter.....
here are some photos of Hubby,
Jess, Dan, Henry and myself
on a early morning back country
ski before work.

The Skiing HAS Been Majestic
Volume 1
with three more to follow.

A peek of the Gallatin Valley to left
and the tail end of the Bridger Range.


Fancy Hubby

Self portraits of us
before the decent.

I am not sure what my pinky is doing
in this last picture.
Posing, I guess.
Maybe I needed if for balance?

The Shooshing Biz - ski- it