Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Goodies

Happy Friday, Friends.

If I haven't mentioned it lately,
or even if I have,
thanks for reading my blog.
You are all the cat's pjs,
and I like you a bunch!

Here are two goodies that are already in the
as I am writing this.

A Cowgirl's Gem Along the Path
(sterling and fine silvers,
with Turquoise)

Mountain Mama Charm Necklace
(handmade charms of sterling
and copper)

I am headed straight to Happy Hour,
after a few necessary errands.
Later week, I am done with you!

Hasta Luego,
Bizcocho Feliz

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introducing Our New Cutest Niece!!!!!!

Her name is
Madeline Frances McRae.

We are sooooo proud of you, Jef and Yolanda.

Our hearts are boiling with joy.
She was actually born on Monday 2.22.11.

My middle brother Jef says,
"She was born yesterday at 1231 and was 6lbs, 8 oz, 20".
She is a keeper."
He took all these early shots.  
I love her precious face in the first photo and how 
small she looks in my brother's hands.
Mom and baby are heathy and happy!
I am the proudest Auntie Bisquit ever.

Feeling the family grow with love,
Kristin Lee McRae Fletcher
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Freshly Smithed

Howdy Doody,
Here are some freshly
smithed silvers and a
long over due shop update.
Thanks for stopping by for a gander
and have yourself a good day, will ya', eh?

A New Batch of Saddle Panache Rings:
made of copper and sterling silver,
some Mokume,
each are totally unique,
and wear like a dream.
I haven't taken mine off.

A custom order.

In the shop now.

This one is for the picking too.
(handmade of sterling,
fine silvers,
and Peruvian Blue Opal)

Lineage Turquoise Spikes
(handmade of turquiose,
and Czech Crystals).
They have a svelte movement
about them.

A Custom Anniversary Order,
Thanks Jon!
(garnet, sterling and fine silvers)

Snow Bunny Studs
(A B-Day gift for Kate,
she needed posts :)
sterling silver and faceted pearls )

Barbed Spikes
( For J.Bene.Shanky,
she lost a mate)

Now the dust has been
cleaned off the shelves.
Thank goodness I got off
of dead center for listing
items on ETSY.

Do have a swell day,
won't you?

The Smithy Bizzy

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Jaunt in the BC

With all the great snow we have been getting, the back country skiing has been amazing. Enjoy these photos of our day. I can't tell you where we were, just in the Gallatin Mountain Range, or my friends would thump on me. Sorry!

I am always the caboose.

My new AT (alpine touring) boots.

New BCA backpack,
also from hubby.
He takes amazing care of me!
The turquoise color is swell and the
mesh helmet holder rules.

I was chanelling excellence
with my Apolo Anton Ohno bandana.

Scott and Don

John, Jess, Scott, Dan and

We had a blast,
thanks for always waiting for me!

Happy Winter,
Snow Bisquit