Monday, July 18, 2011

Stealth Cam Shots from the Cabin

Hey there,
I have missed you!  We have been busy, as always.  Instead of carrying on that it is too much, I am going to assume that life will maintain its busy-NESS and adapt.  After all, I get more done when there is more to do.  For a Christmas present (we don't celebrate Christmas with our friends on the correct date, ever) we recieved a Stealth Cam from Don and K-Mac with the intent of putting it at the cabin.  We got it placed in a location that Scoot and I thought might get some action because of scat and tracks we had seen before in the snow.  Luckily we were right, we are not alone!!!!  I can't explain how happy this makes me, I love having a set of eyes at the cabin when we are not there.  Check out the visitors.

Camera location, about 100 yards from cabin.

I was so excited, Fletch levitated for me!



Heading home for the weekend.


THANKS, DON AND KMAC, we love our gift!!!  The cow moose are my favorites, we thought she may come around for her debut!  The camera settings take a shot about every minute, if there is action.  That's why we got two shots for the same moose, she was hanging out.

Thanks for the visit,

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Vance said...

Wow the pics from the Stealth cam are really amazing. Its always good to know whats in your surrounding to be a bit more safer.