Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I am thrilled Friday is here and the weekend
is upon us.

Here are a couple of goodies that are in the
shop already.

The Second Divine Feather Ring
(silver and labradorite)

Turquoise Stirrups
(turquoise and sterling)

Elk Ivory Ring

An old take with a new style.
This is the first prodigy, I have plans for refinement.
I do love how the ivory is a creamy white.
Since it is a my size I think I will hold on to it :)

Tonight is appetizers and margaritas
for Happy Hour at our house with the neighbors.

Tomorrow is
"Girls Night at the Cabin",
including tickle fights and pjs....
at least that's what my husband thinks.
Snicker, snort.

Have a HECK of a WEEKEND!
Krissy Poo

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UmberDove said...


and pillow fights, snort!