Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Las Platas

Well hello, good day to you.
Here are some newbies
I smithed up.

Oh, how I do love

A Cowgirls's Gem
In the shop before too long.
(sterling and turquoise)

Oval Drop Earrings
(hammered sterling)

Cabo Del Luna
Tip of the Moon Ring
(moonstone and silver)
Sold to Jody in the next county, thanks.

Los Mixtos Con Piedras
Mixed Metal Stackers w/ Rocks
(sterling, copper, 14k gold, turquoise, chalcedony)

Momma Necklace
Custom Order
(green onyx, peruvian opal, tourmaline, turquoise, silver)

Conjuntos Necklace
(sterling and 14k gold)

I feel like it is Christmas night and Santa is coming!
The anticipation is torture.
Tomorrow morning we travel
to the Southern Baja Coast of Mexico.
The bikini, flip flops, snorkel gear,
summer dresses, heels,
shades, jewelry and sunscreen
are all packed up.
All this Spanish practice is
going to come in real handy.
I really enjoy speaking Spanish in Mexico,
and I can't wait for 80 degree temps,
Negra Modelo con limon,
and Hibiscus bushes.

Cheery As Heck,
Bizxoxho Del Feliz
(pronounced biz sho-sho)

1 comment:

crazymare said...

I LOOOOOVVVEEE that Turq ring. So FaBuLoUs :)