Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Off Season in Montana

This is a particularly strange time amongst our seasonal changes. You can still ski, but it's corn, you can bike but it's mud unless you drive, and forget hiking unless you like mud and widening the trail? And don't plant the garden yet! You may want to, but it won't work. As many of you know, it is okay to plant cold season crops when the ground is workable. Well my friends, don't plant before May 1st in Bozeman, your crops will freeze. So the Husband and I are doing what we can to get outside to smear fat. We skiied on Saturday and biked on Sunday. I am now embracing this odd springtime weather. Our trip to Mexico helped scratch my itchy spring fever feet, but just a bit.

The Blondes
(Dirt Bag Support)

Bike on Sunday,
it was 60 degrees.

And some new smiffings:

La Luna Llena
(sterling and fresh water pearl)
In the shop now!

Los Mixtos - La Madres
(mixed metal stackers)
Also in the shop.

Custom Wedding Band
(sterling and fresh water pearl)
THANKS, Steve and Liz!!!!

(sterling and gold hoops)

(rose gold and sterling hoops)

Happy Hump Day!

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