Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have You Eaten Your Glacier Lily Lately?

Good evening to you. Hubby and I spent last Friday night at the cabin. We knew it would be great but the flowers were amazing. The Glacier Lilies were in full bloom, there was an entire field of them. I had to nibble a couple of the blooms. They are a tasty, velvety, sweet treat that comes once a year. After reading a bit, the bulbs are edible and eaten by deer and bears frequently. I have been eating just the blooms since 1997, we are lucky to have these wildflowers in Montana, as they are one of my favorites. Make sure you do you homework before you dine, I don't want you eating something that will turn your stomach, or much worse. Their nodding posture, as well as, their two leaves coming out of the base of the plant will help you with identification.

We awoke to snow and trees that were dusted by silver sparkles, but only on one side. This place is so sweet I can't believe it. Have I told you how nice it is to camp at the best spot ever, but never do we have to take down our tent? And the weather is a welcome factor. During this stay, the quiet pitter patter of sleet on our steel roof put us in a deep slumber. I feel grateful to have such a dreamy haven. Actually I feel grateful for many things lately, and that is calming.

Be well.
My Gram's Baby Girl,
(she called me that on the phone today :) )
Kristin Lee

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Juli said...

Pretty Flowers, and ooh, to have a cabin in the woods, with the sound of rain or snow hitting the roof, it's heaven :)