Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Strong Handshake Makes an Impression

When Hubby and I were in Denver a few weeks ago, I met one of my husband's peers. We met for the first time and then went about our visiting, partying ways and I didn't give it much thought. A bit later in the night, we visited again. He asked me, "Why do you have such a stong handshake?". I already knew this but I thought for just a moment and the reply way easy, "Because my Mom taught me to do so". It is as easy as that and a very important lesson, it does make a difference, and I will always remember. I don't like a limp handshake, I think it has developed into a pet peev of mine. Whether it is true or not, a limp handshake says I am at half mast, and a firm one says I am here and ready to take on the day. A first impression is very important to me and one that I always remember of others.

Mom also taught me that money does not make a person. If you have manners and a bit of hummility a person can interact with anyone. I have found this to be true, as well.

So Mom, I made this necklace for you as a symbol of your motherhood all wrapped up with memories, nastalgia and life lessons made into a silver pendant of pride. YOU did a great job with us kids and we do love you with all our hearts. Sorry it is late, but I learned it from watching you.

See below for your new necklace,
a picture of Nick, Mom and I,
and a picture of a rose bouquet for you.
Sorry, no pics of all us kids :(

Happy Belated Mothers Day!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I turned out like my mother,
after all !
And I am okay with this.

Love you MOM!!!!
Your munchkins,
Kristin, Jef and Nick

Mom also has a successful horse business. Check it out here.


Nancy*McKay said...

...lovely post Kristin...& GREAT photos of Mom's horses...i fell in love with bigBen... :)

cpeesscott said...

Do you know that is how my father always remembers you? "Hey Dad, remember Kristin?", "Is she the firm handshake, 'Hi How are you doing?' Gal?" You've left an impression for over 16 years.