Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Field Day in the Big Horn Mountains

Yesterday we traveled deep into the Big Horn Mountains
of Montana to teach a soils class to
graduating seniors from the
Crow Indian Reservation.

Kate, Jeremy and I had a swell
time teaching.
Black Canyon is so beautiful, pristine,
and an ideal place for a work day.
As a cartographer for the NRCS,
I get the opportunity to teach kids, too.
I really like this part of my job.

Kate spotted this mushroom and she didn't know what it was.
Lucky for me, I DO, and we ate if for dinner.
This little tasty beauty is a wild Morel Mushroom.
Really mid June is a bit late for these,
but we are just getting a bit of sun from summer now.
Time to look for more, as this is the only
Morel I have harvested.

Make sure you know what you are eating,
False Morels are poisonous.

With Love and Squeezes,
Krissy Fletchy

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