Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Calling All Green Thumbs

Thanks to my friend Shannon, she helped to identify this plant as an Epiphylum species in the Cacti Family. It's common names are Orchid Cactus and Leaf Cactus. This is the bloom that just kept getting more and more amazing! There was also a wet drip coming from the bottom of the bloom, you can see this in the above picture. This is definitely flower nectar because it tasted as sweet as sugar, I sampled it.

Good day to you!
Can anyone tell me what
the heck kind of plant I have
in the following photos?

It was given to me by a co-worker
and I have been growing it
in a full sun south facing window.
This is the first time it has ever bloomed!
These flowers are so amazing.
I think it is a succulent and it
has small spines.
Your help with its identification
would be mutch appreciated.

And two more blooms to come.
I am thrilled with this plant.

In other news....
I was featured on the front page
of ETSY with this
Copper Saddle Ring

Enjoy your day,
The Green Bisquit

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