Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Love

We road tripped to Lander, Wyo. over the Independance Day Weekend, as we have for years. I was born here. We had a splendid visit and had some much needed family time. For the first in 5 years, I was with my brothers. And boy did I cherish it.
Gram and Bisquit Sandwich
(Grandma Martha and Gram Dulcia)

Gram, Gramps, Nick and Scott

My brothers are almost 29 and
freshly 17, and they are TALLLL.
And I am short, I take after the Grams.

L to R
Aunt Noni, Me, Bryk, Martha, Yolanda,
Jef, Nick, Scott, G. Martha,
Janet and Dad.
Bella is hiding.

Dad and Janet's Home Remodel
They are quite the design duo,
the outdoor living room is their coop design.

Bella Loves Grandma's House
AND Grandma

Gram Martha and A. Noni
relaxing in the outdoor living room.
Barklay and Bella joining them.
(Barklay left us today, as
he was riddled with cancer, bummer)

The Family 4-10 single shotgun and Nick.
I shot my first bird with this gun.
We have a family ritual, 3 years and going,
details not to be discussed here.

Jef and Yolanda
(sister-in-law w/ bro)

Have I mentioned this sensational
outdoor living room?
It is the cat's meow,
and that's good.

Happy summer day to you all,
Kristin Lee McRae Fletcher de Montana

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