Friday, July 23, 2010

Mr. Cabin, your new friend's name is Little Miss Bath House

Good Friday to you friends!

The Fletchers have been busier than ever. The summer is upon us and we have been consuming mass quantities of frozen cocktails to help us manage the heat.

The Bath House is well on its way to being built at Stone Creek Haven. Dan is building it, as he did an amazingly meticulous job on the cabin. Some of its details include rough hewn logs from the property adorning its front porch, a wood burning sauna with multiple levels for lounging, and an attached shower and changing room. We all can't wait to use the sauna. Because in Montana, there is no doubt that we will use the sauna year around. Even the warmest of summer days have chilly evenings that a sauna would be just fancy!

In other news Hubby hit a tree, freakin' hard too, mountain biking last weekend. He is okay, but now not healing quite fast enought, according to him. As some of you may know we do this a bunch, and he even more. My husband is addicted to mountain biking and I am okay with this. He is taking it easy while mending, which is like keeping a cat in a bath tub full of water. When he came home after it happened, I encouraged him to go see the doctor, as he could have easily broken ribs. He assured me that it was unnecessary, he knew what a broken rib felt like, his were only REALLY BENT. Hummm, what's a wife supposed to do with this? I have been continuing with the frozen cocktail and massage treatment while hoping for a speedy recovery. I am so glad you are safe Scooter, you scare me!

Birds on a branch:
for drying wares,
more cabin sprucing.

Blueberry Pina Coladas
(cups by Ona J. Meyer
a local potter)

Pina Coladas
(garnished with cherries by Husband)

I have tomorrow off from the Farmer's Market.
My first free Saturday morning of the summer, yes!!!!
Happy Weekend!

Filling the blender with ice,

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CrowNology said...

What a post!
Bent ribs! Ouch! Saunas at night...Frozen drinks...Bath houses...Mountain biking...
Could be the basis for a mystery novel...
Looks amazing from here!