Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Markets and Custom Orders

Good day, eh?
I was looking at my blog posts and noticed I haven't posted pics of jewels in months. It certainly is not because I have been on a smithing hiatus. Frankly, the markets and custom orders have kept me busy as a bee. As a result, shop updates on ETSY are scarce at best. This will change in a month or so when the markets start to slow. I will beef up the shop inventory at this time. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and so have yourself a swell Monday evening.

Mixed Metal Bangles
(sterling, copper, and brass)

Barbed Wire Hoops
(sterling construction,
in the ETSY shop)

Half Hammered Drops
(sterling and turquoise construction)

Organic Rustic Ovals
(sterling construction)

Turquoise Tumbleweed
(turquoise, sterling and 14k gold)

Guitar String Stampings
from my husband
adorn the band.

Custom Order
(turquoise and sterling)

Conjuntos Necklace
(sterling and 14k gold)

Golden Glitzy Earrings

Los Mixtos Stacking Set
(turquoise, chalcedony, sterling, copper, 14k gold)

Turquoise Ring

Turquoise Ring

That's all for now folks.
My hair is dumb and tomorrow I am cutting it off.
And not just a trim either, I am shedding my shaggy mane.
A long hair for only one more day,

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E said...

Thanks for stopping by Yummy Supper. I'm so glad you liked the watermelon punch!
I love your jewelry. I am such a sucker for beautiful turquoise.