Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We Scored The #5 Bridger Chair

Howdy Chaps,
I am excited to report that the Fletcher's are feeling very lucky these days, as we won the right to purchase a retired Bridger Lift chair from our local Bridger Bowl. Out of 175 entries, I was 42 and hubby was 70. So we purchased two chairs, #5 and #8. We kept #5 and gave #8 to our best buddy, Uncle Don. He was thrilled, we suprised him for his birthday. For so many entries, we were super fortunate to score two chairs, because so many others didn't have the chance. What are we going to do with it, you may ask? Why we plan to take it to Stone Creek Haven and hang it from the trees. Until then, it will keep our Big Sky Gondola company in the backyard. For if it weren't for skiing and moving to Montana, my husband and I may have never gelled so sweetly like we have in our present state of marriage bliss. We love our new #5.

At home in the Montana,
Frisky Bisquit

PS. Thanks again for stopping by yesterday to comment on my new do, you are all the best!

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