Friday, October 15, 2010

10 YEARS on 10*10*10

Good Super Early Friday, Friends!

I am writing to you in pjs from our Bozeman Bungalow while listening to our very hurt puppy snore in her bed. Bella tore her shoulder muscle hunting and will be out for two weeks with NO activity, more on this to come. She is doing better but it is truly heart-wrenching to see her in this much pain.

And thanks for reading this blog, lots of you have told me that you do, and I appreciate it a bunch.

Last Sunday I celebrated my 10 year anniversary with NRCS. I can't believe how fast 10 years have flown by. Shortly after moving to Bozeman in 2000, I was hired by NRCS as a GIS digitizer developing digital soil surveys. Thank goodness that job lasted only 4 years, it was worse than watching white paint dry. While it was totally worth it to get my feet in the door, I have since been in my current postion for 6 years as a Cartographer on the Area Office staff here in Bozeman. To sum it up what that NRCS does....well, we spend your tax payer dollars that are allocated through the Farm Bill on conservation projects for private landowners. Yes, I am a bureaucrat and happy to be a civil servant, as well. My mixed bag of duties include office work, making maps, running GPSs, training to our Field Office Staffs, trouble shooting computers, geodata management, payments, field work, electric fence building, grazing plan maps, and everything in between. Clearly, it is never the same and includes so many duties, I love the variety. Bottom line, I am very grateful and do enjoy my work.

On the day of the photos below, we were in Musselshell and Golden Valley Counties near Round Up, Montana earlier this summer. We were out scouting for cultural resources from our ancestors and would re-route our proposed fences should we come to a site. We found a few chips from American Indians and several homestead sites from more recent years. It felt like it was just me, the grass, the plains, and the sky. Somedays, I can't believe I get paid to have so much fun. If my Grandpa Hawk was still alive and I told him I got paid for being on the lookout of FLS (funny looking rocks) he would crack up!

a chip

my ride

our new fancy GPS


an old well site

what do you suppose this is?

pottery shard from a crock

they even had turquoise glass back then

more glass shard

My Grandpa's little Bureaucrat,


The Noisy Plume: said...

BEAUTEOUS images, dear lady!!!!!!!

marie bell said...

sweet little blog.
makes me homesick for montana.
BUT....alaska is home now!

lovely photos: happy girl.

Vita said...

WHAAAT!!!? You totally do what I do!!! Or hope to be do again once I move south (but in Canada)!!! GIS/Cartography! I love your job! Hook a girl up! LOL

I haven't been here in awhile; I just haven't had much time keeping up with blogland since bubbie was born but just wanted to say that I've ALWAYS loved your jewellery and your style!!! Keep on it girl! xo

Vita said...

EEEP! And congrats on the 10 yr Anniversary!! Such a cool milestone and it's great to hear you still love doing your job! :)