Monday, October 4, 2010

From the Field to the Table

Hola la Gente,
I hope your Monday is going swell as can be.
Last weekend the husband, puppy and I went out for a walk in search of birds. It was 85 degrees and hot a heck, so we didn't have a lot of time. We did find one covey of Huns (aka Grey Partridge) and with the help of our pointing puppy, we bagged a threesome. One for me and two for Hubby. This was my first bird hunt of the year and my first shot proved to be a success. I thought that there was no safe shot I could take, as the birds rose and flew in front of Scott and Bella. Huns are incredibly tricky to hunt, and knowing this, I waited only a second more and one Hun pealed off to the right in front of me and I had time to make a safe and targeted shot.

Upon returning home we cleaned up up our goods and promptly made Hun Noodle Soup with vegetables from our friend's garden with egg noodles. Boy howdy, this was tasty soup. There is a very satisfying feeling putting your efforts and skills to work in a hunting dog, practicing your shooting skills, spending a wonderful day in the field with my family, and FINALLY bringing home food of which you know for certain where it was harvested. I think that is why the soup tasted even better.

Bella's post hunting swim

Huntress of the Prairie,

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Kneester said...

Nice, looks like fun! The fam and I got out camping these last weekends, beautiful weather. Looks like its over now. You guys going anteloping this year?