Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Recap

It is true, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays,
next to Thanksgiving.
This year, the coworkers from the
real job dressed up and we had a sporgasbord lunch
while we giggled over costumes.
Kate and I rocked some sort of '80s get-up
so we could be thematic.
As you can see from the pics below, I had
way too much fun with my makeup.

Jill as Tim
Steve as Little Red Riding Hood

Disco Pete next to Obama

Kate and I
(Joe did the photo shoot)

On Saturday, we donned another get-up
and ventured out to the Filling Station to see
Cure for the Common, after having
jello shots, apps and other goodies at Jess' house.

Dia de los Muertos,
Me llamo Muerta,
as Flo so named me.

La Muerta and Flo
aka big time trouble

Would you look at those lashes?

Dancing Tacos and a Witch
with her bum hanging out.

Flo can balance wine bottles on her head.

Disco Ryno

Flo, Madonna and Sha

At the Filler,
Cure for the Common
Garret, below

And the cutest skeleton Max
Lowry ever,
I love this little guy.

Hasta Luego,
La Muerta


Snailentina said...

Bizcocho! You make the '80s look awesome and death sexy, now that's a feat! ^_^ Awesome pictures! I can't stop laughing at Red Riding Hood's great hairy legs :)

Michelle said...

All of your costumes are too funny! Love them!

UmberDove said...

Flipping Awesome.

Bisquit said...

Miss Valentina,
You are too sweet! The hairy legs WERE heinous.

Thanks for stopping by, Michelle...and your nice compliments :)

Aren't you swell. I am naming my quail, Quillifer Gambeli Quailington. Do you think it will suit him? I lived on Gambel Quail Street for much of my childhood. Thanks for Quilly GQ (for short), xoxo Biz