Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Next to Halloween, this is probably my favorite holiday. Both have small expectations with great fun and rewards, these are my simple joys. We are going to our friends house in town for some home cooked food, drinks and hot tubbing. After MAJOR family Fletcher consternation, we decided that an 8 hour drive to Hettinger, ND in -20 to -40 degree temps on ice, for a pheasant hunt, would not be the wisest decision. Albeit, a tough decision, we had just driven this same stretch last weekend on ice, not fun!

The following pictures document our deer hunt last weekend near Ekalaka, MT. Let me say ahead of time that I did a fair amount of talking with God, given the cold weather and that I harvested a deer. This is never easy for me and takes a ton of mental preparation. Which is to say, that if I had a good shot, one that I was comfortable with, I would have to take it. This is my 5th year of deer hunting and I have only got one deer 4 years ago. So while this was a success for me, I owe it all to my husband whom is my #1 GUIDE and who ensures that all my equipment will provide for a successful hunt. This was a thrill to him too!

Game face,
with camo makeup.

And I got glasses to help me see


Our buddy Don came along
for the first time.

A nice 4x4 Whitetail buck,
still in velvet.
After a bit of research,
we call this deer a stag.

It ended quick, one shot and
I am grateful.

Home Sweet Home

Brother in Law, Steven,
cooking crab and brie stuffed salmon.
We always eat amazingly!

Da Boyz,
Steven, Don and Scott

Waiting in anticipation for the sun to rise.

Battle Butte (L) and Lone Woman Butte (R)

There was no shortage of whiskey drinking :)

A Fletcher Family Tradition,
the butt warmer.
Do it when no one is looking or do it when all your friends
can do it at once.
That way, no one sees.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Sam always brings Jagermeister,
for us deer hunters.

Tent camping

Fancy Cocktail
made by hubby.

Yummy lasagne and salad.

The pooper.

Brenda, my very fun

Wishing you the best of Thanksgivings.
Krissy Pants


Kneester said...

Congratulations on another deer. I struck out again on Whitetails this year, can't get one to save my ass. Happy Thanksgiving to the Fletchers!

CarolynArtist said...

Wow, you guys know how to live it up! What is that bottle you're sipping (chugging) from? The burbs near DC seem so borig whe I look at your blog!!!

Bisquit said...

No WT, but you did bag an elk. That's awesome for sure.

Care, it's Jagermeister. Have you never tried this? Really it tastes like cough syrup, you gotta want it!