Monday, March 14, 2011

The Skiing Has Been Lush - Vol. 2

Happy Monday to you.

As I said I would, here is the next installation of our skiing photos. While others are enjoying spring, with blossoms blooming and bulbs pushing upward, we are still under a good cover of snow in the mountains. We have started to melt in the valley and it is a sloppy, muddy mess where ever you go. The time change has made a marked difference in extending the amount of daylight we have, a welcomed switch. I have to keep telling myself that we have probably 6 more weeks of winterly-like weather; sleet, rain, slop, mud, and repeat. So I can't quite get excited for warmer weather yet. We are still skiing our pants off.

Several weekends ago, Fletch and I skipped out of town and travelled to Lost Trail, MT for a we-need-to-get-out-of-dodge quick trip. The skiing was delightful and we were lucky enough to stay at Shaw's family cabin very near the ski hill, in Idaho. Montana is such a dreamy place. Lost Trail Ski Hill takes me back to when skiing at small resorts as a child was what I lived for, my roots. Really this hasn't changed :)

On the road.

Montana at its BEST.

Dan, Scott, Jess, Alida, Jon, Qui, Shaw, and myself.

Nice "action snow throwing", Fletch!

Thanks Shaw!!!!!

Holding Tight for Spring,


nancycreations said...

Looks like everyone is having loads of fun, now here in sunny florida it's heating 80 degrees yesterday beach time coming, thank goodness I froze to death this winter.

UmberDove said...

Some day I WILL swoosh down a mountain side with you.