Wednesday, June 1, 2011

El Trabajo de Mis Manos

Howdy Doody,
Please excuse me for my bliggity blog absence, I am not sure where the month of May went? Maybe down the stream with the rest of the rain that has hammered us. No compaints on rain, we are green as can be. I would just appreciate a bit more sunshine. These weekend promises to be sunnier, we can't wait.

I have been keeping my torch hot, but not crazy hot! Here are some goodies that were smithed up from scratch in my little shop.

Manly Bangle in sterling.

Sweet Swinging Hoops in sterling.

Antique vintage glass and pierced floral design.
A first in piercing designs.

14k white gold wedding band,
also a first in using 14k gold white.

Mommy neckace of
14k gold and sterling.

My first little owl,
crafted in sterling and Mokume.
Laura snatched this one up, right quick.

My second hand crafted owl,
of sterling and Mokume.
He hasn't flown far from
MY neck since his birth.

Mixed Metal Luxe Earrings,
of sterling, copper, 14k gold and turquoise.

And introducing feather earrings...
by the gobs.

Thanks for browsing. Stay tuned for more bombshell news this week. Fletch are I have about two weeks to COMPLETELY move out of the house. The tenor of change is resounding in the Fletcher house. I will let you know of our plans soon.

With gratitude,


tattooedblogger said...

OooooooOOoOoo I love the horseshoe bracelet...lots of luck in that lil one

Snailentina said...

giiiiirl, que lindo todo! I am particularly in love with the feathers <3

Sierra Keylin Jewelry said...

Ahhhhhhhh, me gusta tus trabajos nuevos!!! That bracelet is divine! It's so fun to see what you've been working for that moving business, I hope you stay stress free! Aloha!

UmberDove said...

Hot diggity lady! I DO love the bracelet! And MOVING, oh girl, I'm right there with you. GOOD PACKING!

CrashingBison said...

Hope you got your sunshine! Lovely new pieces!! Yep, the horseshoe bracelet is super de-duper! :)

Bisquit said...

TatB, thanks for stopping by. Mucho suerte fuerte!

Snailentina, gracias chica. I thought you might like the feathers :)

Sierra, going to have to make another bracelet like that! Maintaining the level of stress to moderate, it's all good.

Dovey, I hate moving and can't believe how much you do it! Happy packing, sista.

Vita, we finally have sun today! I noticed the metal work you have done, WOW. Pretty goodies!