Friday, April 29, 2011

Springtime Jig

Happy Friday,
I hope this note finds you well and that the week is winding down to a Friday Happy Hour! In the Northern Rocky Mountains we are still snowing and experiencing some onery and ferocious storms which come in the form of rain, sleet, gropple, slop, flakes and the like. I tell you, this is the hardest time of the year in Bozeman. I am ready to be done skiing, but it is far too muddy to do anything else. Spring mud season is a beast of her own caliber. So my Springtime Jig is to show Mother Nature that I am holding strong in a flowered skirt, because there aren't any flowers popping in the garden. In fact, we are something like %135 of our normal snowpack in the Gallatin Range and hubby left at 6am this morning to ski powder that fell yesterday. Truly, all this snow and moisture will amount to ample stream flows for the fishies and less forest fires. I wrapped up two major projects with deadlines at the real job, I am thrilled that it is Friday, and we have an exciting birthday party this evening.

Do have yourself a good day,

PS. I took these photos alone with the help of a remote control :)


CrashingBison said...

YEEEHAW! hehe! So cute!! Happy spring and love your skirt!

Sierra said...

Love the action shots!!!!! So freaking adorable...happy weekend!

Kneester said...

That's a nice little ditty you got there. I too am trying to will some warmer weather into the forecast. I've been wearing shorts on most days for the last few weeks. Even had flipflops on the other day in a snowstorm :-)