Monday, January 4, 2010

Monumental Juncture

Good Monday to you folks. I hope your Holidays were as splendid as could be. We had a swell time!

We finally picked up our ski passes yesterday from Bridger Bowl. It was a gorgeous sunny day and there had been just a few inches of fresh snow and not many people at the hill. This was an especially sweet day because my husband and I mark our years together in ski passes. This year marks 10 years of skiing and playing in the snow with Scott, OH GOODY! And on that same sort of juncture topic, yesterday also marked my 31st year of skiing....yep, the parents put me on skis at 2 years old. This is all making a bunch of sense because, I LOVE TO SKI. The result of all this year counting makes me more sentimental rather than feeling old, and I like that part.

Here is to another amazing year of skiing in the snow with hubby!

Please dump a foot,

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