Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year Giggle

Happy New Year to you all, welcome to your new 2010!

My husband, Scott, is taking the footage of the Luge Course we have been working on at Stone Creek Haven. I am not sure which is better, the sledding or my husband giggling. The cabin slept 8 people and 5 dogs comfortably, yessss! I was a little worried, as this was our first stay with a bunch of friends. We had a mountain of fun and laughs. Thanks friends, for coming in to enjoy the New Year with us!

Frank is doing the sabotage, John gets the brunt of it, and Dan is the one who launches and wrecks. Henry, the Golden Retriever, gets clipped too. This is so darn funny!

Have the best long weekend!
I am well rested and so giddy.

With Love,
Krissy Pie

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Nancy*McKay said...

...ain't nothing better than feeling...GIDDY... well...almost...but GIDDY IS...GREAT!