Friday, September 17, 2010

Ladies Night at the Cabin

Happy Friday to you Chaps!

The ladies and I spent a couple of
splendid days at the cabin last weekend
and I am now just getting the pictures posted.
It was a hoot and quite relaxing,
as well.

We read though magazines together,
ate chicken fajitas (that Jess made us),
cooked popcorn on the open fire in our
vintage popper, biked a bit,
and just layed in the sun.
Here, you take a look:

Jess, Shannon, Audra,
and Eletra

(Jess' dog whom has one blue and one black eye)

My favorite chocolates.

corn popping

A morning mountain bike ride

(all our dogs drink from a Camel Back hose)

A snowy Ross Peak
in the Bridger Range

Audra cleared the STEEEEEEEP part

Shannon crossing Moody Creek

Thanks Ladies, let's do this again sometime soon. It may take a ski to get there but it is totally worth it!


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