Friday, September 24, 2010

My Favorite Pink Legume

Good fall day to you and happy Friday to boot.

Every since I have been travelling between Big Timber and Harlowton, Montana this field of Sainfoin has absolutely mesmerized me. How can there be an entire field of just pink flowers? This year the hail had its way with the legume crop but many flowers still perked up to bloom. So this time, instead of just rubber necking the field from afar, I parked the rig and hopped the fence. Afterall, how could one be trespassing if for the sake of science I must further investigate? I would talk to anyone who might stop for a visit while I was having a little photo shoot, but no one stopped to chat about what I was doing on the wrong side of the fence and why? Aside from being gorgeous, this special legume is nitrogen fixing and beneficial in soil and the nutrient cycle and it is non-bloating for critters should they over eat in a green field. NRCS recommends Sainfoin in some wildlife plantings and some seed mixes for pasture plantings but I have never seen a whole field of the plant. Check it out for yourself in the photos below and learn even more HERE.

See what I am talking about?

We have a weekend packed full of canning plum jelly, cabin chores, dates with friends, our first try of the sauna at the cabin, and bird hunting on private land. I am just giddy.

I hope you have swell plans.
Be well,
Frisky Bisquit

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