Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mi Mamá y Hermanito

Happy Fall Day to You!

It may not feel like the season is changing where you are, but here we are feeling the tickle of damp, chilly temps on our skin. Our Montana blood has thinned over the summer and has yet to thicken to its viscous winter consistency. Fall is here in the west.

Mom and Nick, my little brother, were just here for a long visit over Labor Day Weekend. They wore me out, as our schedule was filled to the brim with activites. We were either stretching our legs with exercise or enjoying each other's company over great food, friends and drinks. I dare mention the red wine consumption....let's just say we tried to taste ALL the ones we thought were or might be worth trying, and we succeeded. Please enjoy the following photos which document their visit.

Mom in boots and a skirt
on my cruiser after a martini or two.

K-Mac, Mom and I
at the Willie Nelson Concert
in Big Sky, MT.

Karen is the best at concerts.

Mr. Willie Nelson

Bill and Desiree

See how fun she is?

Shrimp, Procuitto and Pineapple
appetizer at the cabin.

Talapia Fish Tacos
that were savory-licious!

My Food Model,

Mom cooked up camp
bisquits in a hole with fire coals,
I took notes.
She is the best camp cook I know,
I have taken all my good tips from her...
because cooking on an open fire is a
refined skill.

Hot bisquits.

The Sauna/ Bath House
has a chimney,
and smells within
like a freshly cut cedar tree.

A black bear on our hike up
South Cottonwood Creek.

Say whaaaa?

Nick and Max Lowry

Also accomplished on this trip.....
hand written notes in sharpey marker on the back of my important family art with Mom's help,
Mom polished my toe nails in turquoise blue,
I realized what a nice person Nick has become (his manners are fantastic and I am so proud),
Mom and I traded each other's small for big clothes ( I am a shrimp and she is tall),
giggle, giggle, giggle,
drink more wine,
and lastly....
Jeff (middle-bro) and I were 12 and 17 years old when Nick was born and so he was mostly raised by himself, but we are all so much alike it isn't even funny.

Thanks so much for the visit...
we had a blast.

With Much Love,

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Oh man.
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