Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Join Us!

Holiday Open House at Girls Outdoors
Thursday Night from 4-6:30
20 N. Tracy Bozeman, MT

Drop in for a tasty beverage while gazing upon fancy holiday jewels and outdoor clothing.

Plus Downtown is Ladies Night on Thursday Evening!

Below is a brief preview of newly smithed items that will be available during the open house.

Vestige Ring
sterling and turquoise

Wishbone Necklace
sterling and turquoise
embellished with a feather, hangs 24"

Salt Chuck Necklace
sterling and fresh water pearl

Panache Saddle Ring
sterling and copper

Snow Bunny Posts
So you can still look girlish,
without freezing your lobes off.

Silver Spikes

Simple Hoops

Ruby Kiss Posts

Mixed Metal Pebble Stackers
sterling, 14k gold, copper

Hodgito Posts
Hodge-podge little posts.

I will be making more of these...
love how the dapped feather curls over your lobe.

Hammered Silver Spikes

Simple Hoops

Salt Chuck Ring
sterling and fresh water pearl

Happy Holidays,
Smithy Bisquey


susie said...

Really digging the new earrings and especially loving all of the "salt chuck" pieces. Hope they all find happy homes- sounds like it will be a good time:)

RosyRevolver said...


A Serenade for Solitude said...

I love the feather earrings and the mixed metal pebble stacker! Awesome!

Bisquit said...

Thanks for the visit, Susie, and your swell comments.

RR, back at ya. xxoo

Serenade, oh you like feathers too?