Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Best Little Bath House

Howdy Doody,
As promised, here is another bliggity blog post and an introduction to The Best Little Bath House located in the Bangtail Mountains, our Stone Creek Haven. The Bath House has the very amazing sauna and a soon to be shower. We have been using the sauna, crafted of untreated cedar from head to toe, since late summer and enjoying every sweat we can get. Now with a snowy blanket covering the ground, we find a roll in the snow is just what the doctored ordered to cool off once you have sweat your arse off. After your roll in the snow, a dash back in the warm sauna to heat up again, and repeat, and you get the idea. Dan and Hubby designed the sauna after the traditional Norwegian style in which the floor is meerly a deck floor. This and the window allow for plenty of air ventilation so your breath is never taken from you. Upon getting toasty as can be and realizing you must go, you already await your next sauna.

A photo of the cabin and the bath
house to the left,
before the snow flew.

Please leave your boots at the door.

Steamy and dreamy.

Multiple levels for all temps.

The sauna just melts us.
The Steamy Bisquit



CrowNology said...

You are the luckiest!
What a view through the steam...
Happy New Year!

resolute twig said...

that place looks amazing!
happy new year :)

Snailentina said...

I'd lie if I said I wasn't jealous of this... sadly I can't be in a sauna, but if I could I would run to this one :)

Bisquit said...

Yes, we are very lucky! Happy New Year, to you.
xx, KF

And yes, Resolute, it is amazing. I wish I could take you all up there at least for a night.

Snaily, you crack me up. Someday I hope we can visit in person.