Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

Good day Friends and Family,
I write today wishing you the best of Holiday goodies, cheer and delight! The Fletchers have definitely had their share, with more New Year festivites planned for this weekend. It is very clear that while the blog has been collecting dust, I can't lie, we have been skiing. Even my Mom mentioned, "Why aren't you blogging daughter"? After our whirlwind trip schedule that started in November, we are happy to keep cozy at home over the holidays. And maybe I will even start bloggin more, oh goody!

Please enjoy the following photos that document how skiing has filled our snowy lives.

Champagne celebrating another year of skiing together.
Fletch and I document our years together by ski passes,
this marks year 13, holy crap!

The New Bridger Lift...
new, shiny, and fast.

Post ski parking lot libation.

We have to ski into the cabin
until the snow melts,
and this is just fine for us.

The Bath House with
the warmest little sauna
you have every sweat in....

I can't begin to describe how swell the sauna has been to enjoy.
It's imbued internal heat keeps
your blood warm even after you have left.
Our homemade herbal oil tincture melds with the aroma
of freshly cut cedar which adds to the overall catharctic experience.
Hubby makes sure we take breaks every 15 minutes, like the good
Norwegian way.
Did I mention scantily clothed snow baths,
these are the best!

A back country skin up our new run,
"Afternoon Delight".

The necessities...
beacon, shovel, probe, Hubby...

X-Country Tomfoolery Skiing
with Robyn.
Ding dang it was cold!

Max Lowry, our favy neighbor,
even got new skis.

Soon, he will ski!

Hope you are getting out, even if it's really chilly! Bundle up and then drink hot chocolate when you come in....that's the best.

More sauna pics from Stone Creek Haven to come.

El Bizcocho Feliz

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