Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Got All Dolled up for Baby's 40th Birthday!

Scott turned 40 on 3.26 and we went all out for his 1920s birthday celebration. The party wasn't a suprise, he picked the theme, but many of the details were. As you can see from the photos, everyone wore their best to contribute and the whole event was a masterpiece. Thanks a million to the Kingleys for hosting the event at their house, Jess for helping me plan the awesome party, Molly for designing the invitations and Robyn for decorating. I was thrilled to see everyone's costume, thanks FRIENDS, for adding so much to the party. If you can't tell, we love dressing up!!!!!

With some colored streamers, fresh tulips, candy ciggys, doilies, 14 different kinds of appetizers, Cosmopolitans, Lime Rickeys, feathers, fedoras, and fringe you can turn your house into a Speakeasy in just an afternoon. The Dames were looking hotsy totsy and the men weren't lookin' too shabby themselves. Believe me, this was no dry juice joint.

Happy Birthday Week Fletcher!!!!! I love you more and more each year.

With gratitude,

If you want to see more, go HERE, to my Flickr account.


Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

You look smokin' hot....I think we should all dress this way again. I do love a man in a hat.
LOVE the candles. So funny!
Happiest birthday to your Man.

Bisquit said...

Thanks, it was more fun than I can explain. I would love to dress this way, it altered all our attitudes!!!!!! Men + hat = swoon. I will give him your well wishes.
Warm regards,