Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Lucky, Gemmy, and Random

Howdy Hump Day La Gente,
First to report, the lucky part: The Fletchers have a new family member as of today, we welcome Holden Fletcher. HAPPY BABY, Steven and Kirstin. We are lucky and blessed, as this is the second munchkin born in our FAM, Madeline was just born last month. So Fletch and I are Double-Aunt-and-Uncle LUCKY.

Now to the gemmy and random part. Since I am a civil servant and there was the looming issue of the government shutting down and such, I thought I might have a couple of days off. Rather, we have a weeks worth of money to work with and we will see next week. Eh hem......getter done already, SENATORS. So we went to work happily, as usual, and the week's work travels took me to Red Lodge, MT. This is my favorite town, by far, next to Bozeman, in Montana. Given this ripe opportunity I snatched up some stones cut by a local lapidary that works in town. Would you look at those stones? And Joe took me on a tour of his newly located shop which houses his miriad of stone cutting tools. Clearly this tickled my fancy, I love to see how raw rock makes it way to cabochons, and I asked as many questions as I could. And boy howdy, I can ask some questions.

Enough banter, here are the goods.

A bunch of turquoise, Tiffany Stone w/ Drusy Vug,
Burro Creek Jasper w/ Drusy Vug, Cobaltocalcite Drusy

Love my new IPhone and I am
making feather earrings.
Feather Flirts are still in
the trial stages to see
how they wear.

The Cobaltocalcite Drusy with all its fancy
Malachite crystals.

More than ever:
He's my nook and I fit in his cranny...
under the chin, right in the sweet spot
where I belong.

Good Photo Mr. Shanky

Mom knows, so the news is out.
I got a covey of huns
in flight....
our home birds.

And last but not least,
we put Bridger Lift access to bed.
We wore our best 80's wigs for support and
rounded out the year with an
epic 120" inch base.

While the season of lift access is a thing of the past,
I am sure my hubby will convince me to skin
up Bridger in a bikini like last year.
And I probably will,
but only if the sun is shining
and I can tan my
Montana Winter White Fat.

Over and Out,


Kneester said...

Fatty base to close Bridger with, dang! I closed out my season with an ACL replacement on my right knee....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! A great season none the less.

Sierra said...

YAY! Nothing like some new ink to make a lady feel like a million bucks! I love that freshly tattooed high, ride on sister! Oh, and those stones...cant wait to see what you will dream up!

Taddyporter said...

Hey Miss Foxy Guns, looking GOOD(amazing ink artistry)! And those gems are delicious nomnomnommmmm.

Bisquit said...

I have been reading your blog. I am glad you got your knee fixed up. Happy heeling! You joined our group of friends/family that are either having knee surgery or babies....5 of each!!!!

There is a "fresh ink high", you nailed it! Are you inked? The stones, I can't wait :)

Thanks for the compliments. Did you see the caliber of that hot pink, I know you are smitten over pink. I have seen your photos.

Especially, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!!!!!

With care,

Sierra said...

I sure am, its been two years since my last one, and I'm dreaming of something to add to one on my forearm...happy healing!