Monday, April 18, 2011

A Ski Tour of Small Mountain Bridger

Welcome to your week, I hope it is treating you well. Several weeks ago, when the snow was still fluffy and the weather still wintery, I enjoyed a beautiful day at Bridger Bowl with my best ski pal, HUBBY. The first video is a tour from the ridge, just off of Schlachman's lift. To ski this area, a beacon is required, and we always bring along shovel, partner and probe. More this year than ever, Fletch and I have resort skiied and had plenty of days in the back country. This has been a fabulous winter!

The second video is me filming Scott fluffing and flirting in the cold smoke. And you get to hear my voice, for all of us that haven't met in the flesh. Just so you know, Scott and I talk which CAW is a universal word and totally effective communication. CAW can .... divulge your whereabouts, announce you are lost, say you are ready, locate your husband in the forest or snow storm, OR, say I am ready with the camera, SKI ON!!!! See for yourself.

Cheers, Bisquit

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matthew said...

Good looking snow! Looks like a great time!