Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy Bee

The $100 question of the day is:
Will I get everything packed, prepped and baked before we leave tomorrow
for Ekalaka?
Mmmm yes, giv 'er heck.

Here are some earrings that I whipped up.
I will list at least a pair today in the shop.

And now to the Jelly

I finally fixed my Pear Apple Jelly.
It only took me three times to get the right consistency.
The third time is the charm and it is OH SO GOOD!
The jelly hoarding will now begin.

The lighter color is from the first batch of jelly.
While it wasn't really runny, I needed thicker jelly.
So I re-processed some of the jelly and it got darker.
Probably more yummy?

Such a pretty fruit, the Pear Apple, grown in town.
I had never even seen these before making them into jelly.
Thanks Martins, for giving us the fruit.
This marks my second batch of jelly and I am hooked:
easy, so delicious, and the steps of canning
tickle my fancy.

I have a bit of work to do...
bake bread and cookies
hurry up.

I hope your day is fantanstic,

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