Monday, November 16, 2009

Ski to the Cabin

On Friday night, we packed up the gear in our packs and head for the Haven!
Bella even carries a pack, no free rides in the Fletcher House.

Tonight was the night to bring "Maria", Scott's guitar, to her
new home up Stone Creek.

It is so amazing in the cabin with our new LED lights.

Happy Husband on the plank between the master and guest lofts.

Everybody relaxes.

Tunes for the family.
Great acoustics in here, by the way!

Superb Cast Iron Stove

Slushy green snow cocktails.

Steamed Clams & Toasted Bread topped with Boursin Cheese:
all cooked on the stove :)

Livin' the dream.

BB in our wood trim:
Re-finished Rustic Barnwood Trim

New lights installed for safe night walking of

Do we really have to ski out?

Our little Stone Creek:
that flows year around,
home to many-a-trout,
heard from the cabin,
and home to the Haven!

I hope you all had a splendid weekend.
Our was fabulous.

Now to a short work week and then
packing, cooking, hunting.....
in Eastern Montana for deer
with the Fletchers.

Until then...
jelly, cookies and zucchini bread.
Pretty ambitious.

Feeling Lucky and Blessed,
xoxox Kristin

1 comment:

Kneester said...

You guys got it going on with the cabin. That place looks epic! How long does it take to ski in?

Good luck hunting in E. MT. I've struck out so far this year (with the exception of 2 antelope). Been w/in 100 yards of elk 3 times, but 'cow week' hadn't opened yet.

Nice blog, keep it up! I'll put a link on mine to your's.