Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful, We Are

Well, good day to you all. We just returned from our maiden voyage to north eastern Montana for some Thanksgiving Day bird hunting. I hope you all had a splendid Turkey Day and I would like to send out hugs and kisses to family and friends, we miss you all!

Scott and I took another road trip seeking open spaces, birds, grass, doggies, and our Colorado friends. By now, we know this route intimately, as we have driven it 3 times since October. You must drive to get places in Montana, it is just the way it is....and drive far sometimes.


Double POINT!
Bella backing Hank

It doesn't look hilly, but let me tell you.

The cover was amazing.
Pheasant numbers are extremely low in this area.
So we hunted Sharptail Grouse and Huns (aka Grey Partridge) until
the sun went down.
We did scrap up a handfull of roosters.

Brittany Spaniels are starting to take over....
Bella and Cooper
French Brit and American Brit
They were smitten for each other.

Eric w/ Frick and Frack, which they were
referred to, oh so affectionately.
(Hank and Cooper)
American Brits

Eric, Andy, Adrienne, Bisquit, Scott

Today I am thankful for:
1. Jim Buckley, a new friend and generous man...who let us hunt on his land, gave us his maps to use and who went out of his way to help us.
2. Our great friends who drove all the way from Colorado for a visit.
3. That I actually managed to plan a trip, make arrangements for accomodations, score private land access...I am notoriously rotten at this. Yay!
4. When Bella goes on point now, 90% of the time THERE IS A BIRD.
5. My superb husband who is now a gunner and hit all his shots dead on, NICE WORK!
6. My family and friends near and far.
7. That we are busier than a one legged man in a butt kickin' contest.
8. That we can hunt behing a dog that works so hard for birds.
9. That I live in Montana.
10. That hubby gave me my Browning Citori Over/Under shotgun and I love to shoot it.
11. With winter here, our freezer is brimming full of meat that we have harvested or bought locally, that makes me very happy.

There you have it,
and it is in no way a complete list.
So for now, I will retire.
Because tomorrow the excitement happens all over again.
Crack, crack...that's the metalsmithing whip,
I have a bunch of jewels to forge.

Sweet Dreams,
Kristin Kristerson McGillicutty


The Noisy Plume: said...

There's nothing like a dog who will back:)
And happy belated Thanksgiving!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

What a beautiful, happy list :)


gary said...

Sorry I missed it. Sounds like a blast as usual. No cubans or hot tubs were had?? Next Year we go big.