Monday, November 23, 2009

A Great Trip

We made it home and had an amazing time. The weather was in the mid-50's most days with clear skies and very little wind, just perfect for hunting. We were thrilled to have no rain. Moisture makes these roads turn into what we call "gumbo". And it isn't any joke, we always take chains with us and have had to use them. I really love the landscape in eastern Montana: grass, coulees, Big Sky as far as the eye can see, antelope, more deer than people in this county, cows, Ponderosa Pine, sandstone buttes. We were successful and Scott got a nice White Tail buck, Sam and Steven both got Mule Deer does. Really, Scott and I spent most of our time "deer hiking" in this gorgeous country and weather. I also enjoyed smelling forbes, the dried Yarrow and Sagewort, the vanilla in Ponderosa Pine bark furrows and watching the green moss still growing. When hunting, you have an amazing amount of time trying to be the quietiest while listening and looking. Very little of your time is actually harvesting the animal. I shot once and missed a nice White Tail buck. I will be going to the gun range, as well as, getting some shooting sticks. I know I can shoot, I just buckle under the very intense moments of hunting. But I really do love it, quiet time in the forest with hubby. And the best part, I am getting to be a better hunter. They don't call it GETTING, it makes you hungry and proud all at once.

Enjoy the pictures, click on them for more detail.

sandstone buttes

Wagon Wheel Restaurant:
the whole show is run by two ladies easily in their 70's, a must dine.

This road is CRAZY!

battery operated blender

Steve made us salmon stuffed with Brie and crab,

The Fletcher Condo goes anywhere.

target practice in the grass:
Brenda and Steven

camoed up

This area was frequented by Teddy Roosevelt in the early 1900's.

Me, Brenda, Scott, Steven, Sam
The Fletchers

Downtown Ekalaka, MT

Geeez, we are busy. So we repacked and did laundry tonight so we could turn around and drive east for Thanksgiving. We are pheasant hunting with some friends from Colorado in Sidney, MT. The trip is our maiden voyage to explore this area and we are excited. I have more prep to do before I am ready including a pumpkin pie, custom jewel orders, work, and a handful of other chores. I guess I will sleep when I die because I may possibly never catch up in this lifetime.

Have a swell Tuesday,
since now we are on to the next day,
or a nice Monday ending, which ever.
Burning the midnight oil as usual,
xoxoxo, KLF

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