Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Idle Hands are the Devil's Tools

So I have been knitting to thwart off evilness.
By no means do I have idle hands.
And since the beading has morphed into metalsmithing,
you really can't take your torch or bench on the road,
I am in no way an expert, but I
enjoy knitting scarves.
I knitted hubby a hat on the round and that takes....
toooo long.
Scarves it will be then.
Because now that the winter is here...
scarves are warm,
cute as heck,
and so very soft on the digits to make.

Purple and Gray
Mohair, Silk and Wool Blend

Beads and Sequins to Boot!

Redish, Orangish, Brownish, Fuzzy
Kid Mohair and Acrylic

And the next scarf will be....
the yarns in the lower left of the basket.
One is an amazing turquiose silk/mohair blend
and the gray is ANGORA!
EEEEEE, softer than a baby's bum.

I took Scooter to the airport this morning and he is already in Portland,
I will meet him on Thursday.
We have a yearly Portland visit to celebrate Christmas
with his employees there.

I am headed to the garage to start a fire and get to hammerin'.
It is cold as a fazizzledinger, and that's cold.

Be well,

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