Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cruiser Season Has Begun

But, you wouldn't know by looking outside. We are on a winter storm warming with 5-10 inches in the valley and 1-2 feet in the mountains. It was snowing sideways today, awesome. I do love the season changes but spring toys with my emotions every year. Just when you think it is spring and your blood has thinned by adjusting to warmer weather, BAM, snow storm. We need the snowpack that is for sure. But good grief!

We have busted out our crusiers and use them to get around town. Bozeman is quite flat and getting more bike friendly as time passes. I have never passed up an opportunity to ride my bike because of attire, MORE CHICKS ON BIKES IN SKIRTS PLEASE. That's my philosophy. I think it is romantic and quite liberating.

Ask my Mom, she has been through some cruiser bike training that included two martinis. She wanted more bikes and drinks!

So here are some recents pics. The ones that were shot at night might have been after one too many blueberry mohitos. Liquid courage...who was driving my bike anyway? The following photos were taken while on my cruiser.

Headlamp, saftey first.

Red Boots
(from my mother-in-law)

Turquoise Dress

The grocery getter with irridescent
turquoise paint and flowers,
she's a three speed.

Have a great hump evening!

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