Monday, April 19, 2010

Pond Skim and Other Tomfoolery

I am a bit tardy in my posts, but
wanted to catch you up on some fun.
Last weekend we put Big Sky and Moonlight
Resorts to bed for the season.
No more lift access for us.
Now if you want to ski...
you have to earn your turns.

On Saturday, we took in the
Pond Skim where crazy
people ski (or whatever)
across a pond and try to make
it to the end.
More people make it than you expect.
It was awesome!

Big Sky, MT

Lone Peak in the background.

Hubby and I

Karen can crush beer cans on her head,
you should see what else she can do!

And on Sunday,
we dressed to ski.
We were quite the
motley crew.
That's my crown from winning
Pioneer Days Princess
when I was five.

Karen is all about it!

Karen and Don
What a couple.

All of us.
Max, Audra, Scotty, Scooter,
Me, Kmac, Don

Have I told you how much fun dressing up to ski is,
well it is.

Happy Monday!!!!

Have a swell Monday

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Kneester said...

That group picture of you all is R-A-D!